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Top 10 2019 Websites We Love

Over time, Connect Nigeria has curated information on resourceful websites in Nigeria. This owes to the fact that there’s virtually a website for everyone, purpose, and goal. 

As the year comes to an end, we’ve compiled a list of 10 websites by and for Nigerians which we think are worth checking out. 

In no particular order, here are the top 10 websites we love in 2019. 

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Just recently, the founder of Nigeria medical logistics company, Lifebank, emerged winner of The Africa Netpreneur Price Initiative (ANPI) set up by Jack Ma. This goes to show the extent to which Lifebank is transforming the healthcare system in Nigeria. 

Temie Giwa-Tubuson founded Lifebank in 2016 after working at various health organisations in the country and seeing firsthand the problems plaguing the Nigerian healthcare system. A difficult pregnancy was also a contributing factor to her inspiration for starting Lifebank. 

Today, Lifebank exists to reduce the incidence of blood shortage in hospitals by improving the efficiency of blood distribution across blood banks in Nigeria. 

Socially Africa

Socially Africa is a platform that seeks to promote effectual change in the society with the notion that one can contribute to society irrespective of their status.

Adaora Mbelu Dania, a prolific content director, founded the company in 2015. Since then, she has set out with her team to tackle some of the problems present in several communities across Nigeria.

Socially Africa has launched several projects “Girl Code Africa”, “Art For A Cause”, and several other volunteer projects. If you have a knack for contributing to society, then is the ideal platform to check out. 


When Andrew Eze and his brother Paul Eze founded Ngcareers in 2010, they probably didn’t envisage that the platform will be home to over 200,000 registered job seekers and 2000 employers in the coming years.  

Indeed, Ngcareers has surpassed expectations and has fast become the go-to site for many Nigerians seeking a chance at employment. 

Ubenwa is a word that translates to “cry of a baby” in the Igbo language. This time around, however, it is the name of an AI solution startup that detects asphyxia in newborn babies by analysing the sound of their cries. This innovative service was founded by Charles Onu, a machine learning researcher. 

Since Ubenwa was launched, it has accurately predicted the presence of asphyxia in 85% of the cases it has analysed, which is undeniably a high success rate. There are also plans to create a mobile application of the service that would be made available to Nigeria and other developing countries. 


Traffic congestion has always been a major issue of concern for commuters in Lagos. Before, it used to be more feasible to “beat the traffic” and still get to your destination in time. These days, however, the chances are slimmer than ever.

Thanks to MAX.NG, Lagos commuters can nevertheless breathe a sigh of relief, hop on a 200cc bike, and successfully ditch the traffic jam. Launched by Chinedu Azodoh and Adetayo Bamiduro, MAX.NG is a flagship company of Metro African Express, an urban logistics company. 

To ensure not just ease of movement but also comfort and safety for its users, MAX offers advanced bikes within the range of 200cc and above. It also has a staff base of well-vetted riders to further guarantee the safety and excellent user experience. 

The service caters to urban cities in Lagos such as Yaba, Marina, Ikoyi, and Lekki Phase 1 axes.

Many foreign investors, who have seen a goldmine in Africa, want to invest in startups but they face some drawbacks due to a limited understanding of the African entrepreneur ecosystem. 

This is where comes in. Founded by Maya Horgan Famodu, a young enterprising woman big on venture capitalism. Her startup works with investors such as the popular Y Combinator to help them increase more Nigerian companies in their programs by providing them with market entries.

This then makes it seamless for these investors to select which startups they want to channel their investments into. 

Naija Nomads 

For a long time, various ethnicities around the world have been portrayed in a negative light by the media. The less appealing aspects of these ethnicities are often given more attention while the glamourous sides are ignored. 

While studying abroad, Mofe Runsewe came to this realisation after she met people of diverse ethnicities. As a result, she set out to change this narrative by launching Naija Nomads. She originally started Naija Nomads as an online personal venture of her ventures around the world. Today, the website has evolved into a platform that curates the experiences of many travellers within and outside Nigeria,


Many banks in Nigeria have gone digital in order to improve customer experience but one that stands out from the pack is Wema and its digital bank ALAT.

ALAT prides itself as Nigeria’s first fully digital bank. The service has enhanced banking operations to a significant level since it began operating and it has contributed to promoting a saving culture among Nigerians. 

ALAT has won many awards for its undeniable impact including the “Best Mobile Bank App” and “Best Digital Bank” for 2017. 

Tech Cabal 

One of the top tech blogs in Nigeria, Tech Cabal is an engaging website for tech enthusiasts to learn about innovations and gain insights into technology. 

Bankole Oluwafemi dumped his law degree and founded the website after he got introduced to the marvellous world of technology. By 2014, Tech Cabal was the largest tech blog in West Africa.

 The website is a resourceful platform for tech-savvy individuals who want to learn more about startups, funding, gadgets, tech entrepreneurs and more.

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Omotayo Lasaki is a young woman who has deemed it fit to take up the trade of carpentry and has excelled greatly at it. After graduating from college, she landed a job at a wooden construction company and sort to learn the ropes of manufacturing.

 Seeing there were hardly any prospects of getting enlightened on the process of manufacturing, she took the initiative to learn carpentry and establish her own manufacturing company, Tayasaki

At the moment, Tayasaki is steadily on the rise, offering a wide range of furniture including wardrobes, security doors, bulletproof doors, steel doors, kitchen cabinets, window blinds and more. 

How many of these websites did you find resourceful? Tell us about it in the comment section below. 

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