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Wellness: 5 Ways To Cope And Stay Cool During A Heat Wave

During the dry season in Nigeria, the weather is hotter than usual. Coping in the extreme temperatures can be challenging for everyone. Here are a few hacks and tips that can help you keep cool during a heat wave 

Try as much as possible to keep air flowing in your home.

Heat can interfere with your sleep and cause sleeping problems, which could eventually result in more serious health conditions. Since your home is where you sleep, it is important that you try to keep it as cool as possible. 

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Use curtains and blinds that keep direct sunlight out and lower the temperature of your air conditioners. Avoid using dark-coloured curtains and blinds as they can trap heat and make your house feel hotter. If you don’t have an air conditioner, you can place your bed between a fan and an open window. This will help keep the breeze flowing through your room.

Wear light clothing 

Dark and tight clothing trap heat more easily. Instead, you would be better off with light and loose clothing that will let your body breathe. Your best bet would probably be cotton. 

Stay hydrated regularly 

The hotter the weather becomes, the more you sweat. And the more you sweat the more body fluids you lose. Therefore, it is extremely important to drink more water to replenish the fluids your body has lost. For an energy boost and for more taste, isotonic drinks are also a good idea.

DIY air conditioner 

If you don’t have an air conditioner, there are several ways in which to tweak your fan to perform like an air conditioner. You can have your fan blow into a Styrofoam with holes cut into it. You can also place a tray of ice in front of a fan and it will blow cool breeze on you.

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Know your body’s cooling points 

The most popular cooling points on your body are your neck and your wrists. Others include the elbows and the knees, the top of the feet and the inner ankle. To keep cool, you can apply a cold towel onto these points. This will help lower the temperature of the pulse points in these areas and reduce body heat. 

Watch what you eat

Avoid eating foods just before bed and save larger meals for earlier in the day. Since you’re prone to sweating more during the hot weather, it is vital that you eat nutrient-rich foods. Also, try to include foods with higher water content to stay hydrated. 



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