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Brands We Love: Sona Agro-Allied Foods

Nigeria has a competitive biscuits industry that’s growing all the time. In 2016, a KPMG put the value of the country’s market for cookies and other such consumables at about ₦121 billion. Apparently, there’s still enough room for the new players that venture into the segment every other year.

One of the better-known brands to have made an entry into this arena in recent times is the Sona Agro-Allied Company. They are popular enough that you may have crunched on some of their coasters or digestives. This fast-growing business has claimed a spot for itself in the snack category in the last decade and is looking to spread farther across the Nigerian commercial turf.

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Sona was incorporated in 2011 but didn’t formally begin pushing biscuits into the markets until 2013. Their production facility is located in Otta, Ogun State. There, they deploy state-of-the-art machinery to make and package some of Nigeria’s most sought after snacks.

Sona’s Biscuits

Sona manufactures almost a dozen different biscuits and hard snack brands, with each one suiting the varying tastes, moods, and health concerns of consumers.

The Sona Coaster biscuits are made to be consumed along with hot or cold beverages, as is its Rich Tea brand. Another one, the Digestive biscuit, has a fair bit of fibre content that lends it to quick digestion. The closely allied Malty Products are infused with Malt extract and have a distinctive taste that consumers would readily associate with the cereal.

Other forms with an interesting taste include the coconut-flavored Krispee Products, Cheese Bites, Ginger Delight, and Chococream Wafer. The thin crackers are great for picnics and parties and are preferred by diabetics because of their low sugar content. The Golden Family Creamed Wafers are fine for school children’s snack packages.

Expansion Plans

Sona has continued to expand through the years. In 2014, the organization procured new equipment to help it ramp production up from 14 tons per day to 100 tons per day. In 2019, it inaugurated its third production building.

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Awards and CSR

The company has won a number of awards for its contribution to the local food industry. In 2019 alone, it picked up two: the 2019 OPAL Award of Excellence in the agro-allied food industries category, and the Marketing Edge award for Best Premium Biscuits of the Year.

On the CSR front, Sona has supported educational programs and competitions for primary and secondary schools in various parts of the country.

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