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Brands We Love: Wood et Al

The level of comfort we enjoy in our homes and offices is partly determined by the quality of the furniture they contain. When our seats are welcoming of our bodies and our center tables are pleasing on the eyes, we enjoy our spaces a bit more.

It’s pleasant experiences like this that wood and furniture companies are supposedly designed to create.  Wood et Al, an indigenous furniture manufacturer, says it’s been delivering this to its clients for over 17 years.

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While there’s no scarcity of chair and table craftspeople in Nigeria, not many of them are able to satisfy the exquisite tastes of the country’s small but growing class of aesthetically conscious consumers. That class includes people who want their doors and kitchen cabinets nicely finished and companies that need seats built for the work environment.

Wood et Al makes furniture for these concerns. But beyond fashioning bespoke chairs and consoles, it also helps its clients determine the best furniture forms for their specific spaces. According to its team, their greater goal is to bring the wood technology manufacturing and installation practice in Nigeria closer to global standards.

Founded by Kolade Ajani in 2002, Wood et Al has grown rapidly over the past couple of decades. It now has a manufacturing facility in Nassarawa State, a retail outlet in Abuja, and a showroom in Lagos.

The factory employs producers with 40 years of cumulative experience; the company says its facility is capable of producing 500 doors in a week. The showroom, located in Victoria Island, is a 2,000 square meter space containing some of the best work churned out by its staff.

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Wood et Al’s product range includes beds, center tables, dining tables and chairs, dressers, doors, side stools, kitchen cabinets, TV consoles, and wardrobes. It makes these items either for sale through its retail outlet or on-demand for clients who provide specifications for the products they would like the company to deliver to them.

Wood et Al has won customers from across several industries. They have supplied furniture to schools, government establishments, corporate offices, hotels, and hospitals, and helped with the renovation and completion of a number of buildings.

Furniture can be purchased via the Wood et Al website as well, with deliveries made nationwide. 

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