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Business Growth Tip: How to Use Brochures the Right Way

Brochures are alive and well, even in the age of internet-driven commerce. 

We have digital media now, but it’s not all there is to marketing a business. There are still millions in Nigeria who would trust black-and-white adverts on newspapers over the sleekest brand videos on YouTube. Depending on what you sell, you might still have to reach them with what they prefer.

But it doesn’t have to be dull newspaper ads or monochrome pamphlets. With smart brochures, you could lure your target audience to try out your products and services, and maybe pitch their tent with you.

There’s another reason you may want to use brochures: they save you a lot of time. Instead of trying to describe every single feature of your product to a prospect, you could just introduce your brand, say a few things about what you do, and hand them your brochure to complete the first phase of selling.  

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How do you make brochures that catch your readers’ attention? And how do you get these folded pieces of paper to the exact kind of people who may be interested in what you’re offering?

These are the questions we’ll be answering in this article. 

First, we’ll look at what your brochure needs to have in order to capture the attention of whoever you want to read it.

What Does a Good Brochure Look Like?

A winning brochure should tick the following boxes:

1. Anticipate and answer your ideal reader’s questions about what you’re offering.

2. Provide the answers in a flow that keeps them reading.

3. Use an opening page that makes them want to find out more. For example, hint at a sweet deal that you talk about inside (if there’s such a deal available).

4. Show the best honest images of your products. Then describe what they can do for the reader. Don’t dwell on features alone.

5. Turn it into a resource. If you’re a makeup brand, add a section with very useful makeup tips. This ensures that the user has a cause to keep the brochure.

6. Address the reader directly. Refer to them as ‘you’, and talk about their needs and how your products can meet them.  

7. Include contact details, such as your phone number, so that readers can get in touch if they want your services. 

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How to Get Your Brochure In Front of the Right People

Here’s how to get your brochure seen and read by your target audience.

1.  Give them out at business events, to people whom you’ve identified as good prospects (through brief or extended conversation).

2. Attach it to product packages you’re delivering, so that your recipient gets it.

3. Get partner businesses to distribute it to their customers. This works if they offer a service that’s related to yours.

4. Place brochures at your reception desk, so that people coming in can see it.

5. Place them on your display desk at exhibitions if you’re showcasing your products or services there.


When they’re well-made, brochures can become magnets, attracting potential clients and nudging them down your sales funnel. Apply the tips we have provided here, and you’ll pick up more customers.

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