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Crazy About the South West: Tourism Spots in Lagos State

The state of excellence is the biggest tourism hub in the country. Tourists can do a lot in Lagos, from zip lining to kayaking, art exhibitions to musical concerts, city tours and beach outings. Simply put, Lagos State is perfect for tourism. Below are some of tourism spots in Lagos in no particular order:

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1. Freedom Park

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This park is a cultural and historical preservation site. Once the site of a colonial prison, it is now an open air theatre and the perfect spot for creative and artistic expressions. From the aesthetics of the park and the tasty cuisines churned out by the food outlets on site to the social activities that take place there, this park at Marina is a cool spot to visit and take awesome photographs.

2. The New Afrika Shrine and Kalakuta Museum

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The Kalakuta Museum is great for lovers of music and fans of the late Afro beat star, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. Here, you get to see Fela’s home, his tomb, belongings, family photos. It also has a five-room boutique hotel with great ambience and a lovely terrace for anyone who wants to sleep over.

Likewise, tunes and dances in honour of Fela’s music serenade attendees at the New Afrika Shrine. Tourists are welcome any day all week long, even though Thursdays and Sundays are the highlights. You can get Fela memorabilia from the shops at the shrine. In Ikeja, these two locations are just a 15-minute drive apart.

3. Lekki Leisure Lake

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Looking for excitement and adventurous activities? Lekki Leisure Lake along Lekki-Epe Expressway has got you covered. Here there’s an obstacle course to get your heart pumping, and lots of activities to indulge, like jet skiing, zip lining, quad biking, bungee jumping, boat paddling, and beach volleyball.

While Lekki Leisure Lake is great for outdoor fun, on that same axis is Rufus and Bee, another great spot but for indoor games. If you are looking for a sleepover, Vantage Beach House is just opposite Lekki Leisure Lake. So get your wallet ready and get family and friends to join you as you visit this spot.

4. Nike Art Gallery

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There are many places to view art in Lagos like the art market in Lekki or at the National Museum. But Nike Art Gallery stands out because of the range of colourful artworks and print souvenirs (bags, T-shirts, materials, etc.) Occasionally, batik workshops and a dance classes are organised at the gallery. A visit to this gallery along Elegushi Road, Lekki-Epe Expressway, could take hours, as each floor offers tourists amazing sights and picture-worthy moments.

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5. Kamp Ikare Beach Resort

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Opt for a beach house resort for an exotic getaway experience. Kamp Ikare in Ikare Village, Badagry, is only accessible via a boat ride from Lagos Mainland. (Beaches like Inagbe Grand Resort, La Tropicana, and Ilashe Beach are accessible via the Island).

This privately owned spot offers exclusivity which makes it a choice destination. It has 6 duplex cabins around a swimming pool just a few meters from the sea. Tourists who sleep over can wake up to the sound and sight of the ocean waves crashing against its shores.

6. Iga Idugaran (The Oba’s Palace)

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The royal palace of the Oba of Lagos is as good as any to visit when looking for the history of Lagos State. On Lagos Island, this 15th century old compound plays hosts to various traditional festivities. It holds the ancient tombs of royalties, and it’s the best place to experience the royal activities of the Yoruba.

Another great place historians can visit is the National Museum at Onikan for art and archaeological and ethnographic displays of Nigeria as a whole, not just the Yoruba people.

7. Badagry Black Heritage Museum

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The tale of Lagos is incomplete without our slave trade journey. In Badagry, you can follow the paths of slave traders down routes like the Point of No Return. Actual shackles, trade documents, sketches, and photos from the slave trade era and of the city’s dark history are here. A visit to the museum entitles you to a view of Badagry City and it’s just as much a tourist spot as its museum.  

8. Lekki Conservation Centre

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Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city is a nature preserve where the mangrove swamp thrives. This location in Lekki has the longest canopy walk way in Africa, a field chess game, a tree house, koi fish ponds, a giant turtle and other wildlife. The serenity provided by this centre is great for picnics and a day out with friends and families.

There are many places we would love to tell you of about Lagos State. But no single article can cover all the tourist destinations in the state. Every day a new spot emerges on the radar that is worth checking out.

So what are your favourite tourist spots in Lagos State?

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