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Did You Know? Stutern Is Tackling Youth Unemployment Through Tuition Based Training

What kind of student are you?

It has been proven that there are different kinds of learners: the visual learner, auditory learner and the kinesthetic learner. The visual learners are those who understand and learn better when knowledge is presented in a visual manner like charts, infographics, videos and pictures. The auditory learner, on the other hand, learns better when information is presented in an auditory manner. This means that the words are clear, sharp and appealing to them while also keeping their attention on what is being said. Lastly, the kinesthetic learner is one who learns better through hands-on-methods like experiments, adventures and practical application of knowledge. Usually, we are a combination of two of these methods although, for most, one of the methods stands out more than the others.

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If like me, you have tried to learn through videos and self-help courses but you do not learn as much compared to when you have a physical teacher and part of a class, you are a kinesthetic learner or student. None of these learners is more intelligent than the other, the differentiating factor is using the best of your resources to gain more knowledge in a way that you will retain best.

Some techies boast of being self-taught by watching videos and reading books to learn how to code or design but there are some organizations who have taken it upon them to tackle the unemployment rate through education. They do this by providing a platform to train interested individuals through courses, learnings, and hands-on-experience while providing mentorship for further growth. One such organization is Stutern.

Stutern is an African-focused organization with the mission of closing the gap between youth employment and entry-level jobs in the technology industry in Africa. This is done by the Graduate Accelerator program and Placement program.

The graduate accelerator program is a tuition-based training that helps individuals launch their career in tech. the individuals get more than education as they develop skills for job placement. The students are tutored and mentored by mentors from Jumia, Google, Intelia, Paystacj, Andela and Flutterwave. With an option for on-time payment, instalment payment and paying back the tuition by a percentage of your income, Stutern has helped individuals with no previous experience or knowledge to launch their career through the curriculum. You should check out their accelerator program if you fit the target audience I just described.

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On the other hand, the Placement program links undergraduates and recent graduates with paid jobs and internships to sharpen their skills and start their career.

With organizations like Stutern, no matter the kind of learner or student you are, you are sure to be well rounded in the knowledge presented to you as well as linked with available jobs with a success rate of 96% of their graduates.

Today’s last word is by Viktor E. Frankl who said:

“Each man is questioned by life; and he can only answer to life by answering for his own life; to life he can only respond by being responsible”

– Viktor E. Frankl



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