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Donkwa, the Popular Street Snack in Northern Nigeria

Donkwa, which is also known as tanfirin, is native to Northern Nigeria. It is well loved by children. This popular street snack is easy to prepare. It doesn’t require cooking. In fact, donkwa can be ready in 30 minutes. Mixing is the only aspect of its preparation that takes time.

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The ingredients used in making donkwa are corn meal, groundnut, sugar, ground clove, chili powder, and groundnut oil or sun flower oil. Corn meal as a vital ingredient makes this snack a filling one. Chili powder gives this snack its classic taste; while it’s a must-have ingredient in the traditional recipe, it can be omitted by choice or if it’s unavailable. The groundnut oil used in mixing the ingredients for this snack binds the paste. It ensures that the paste solidifies enough to be moulded into desired shapes. All the ingredients for this savoury snack can be found in any local market in the North.  It can also be purchased from local markets or big grocery stores in the southern region.

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Donkwa is high in protein and is gluten free. Vegetarians and members of the weight watchers association will find this snack a worthy addition to their food timetable. Donkwa is also a popular snack amongst the Yoruba. But unlike the Hausa version which is prepared with little drops of water and oil, the Yoruba version is prepared without adding water. The snack is traditionally shaped into balls but it can be moulded into any shape of choice.

Donkwa is soft, nutty, crunchy and awesome. It can be served as a starter or as party canapés. Enjoy this snack with peanut butter.


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