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Future Africa Launches FAVS Forum to Provide Answers For Startups In Africa

The curious ones are usually the odd ones in the group and their questions usually turn people away from there because they can ask to the tiniest little detail that makes you say “arrgh”. Yet, these set of people are most times these ones have a wider scope and understanding of life than many others.

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For something as tasking as building a startup and in a developing continent like Africa, the process is harder than in other countries where policies and infrastructure works. Hence, many startup founders look for mentors that can guide them through the choppy waters. Many times this mentorship comes in form of startup accelerators programs and seed funding.

Remember the article on Women support in tech and how Fave Women was helping women founders review their application for the popular YCombinator startup accelerator? The parent organization has opened up a forum for startups in Africa to ask questions about building a startup in the ecosystem.

Future Africa (FA) is a platform that provides capital, coaching and community for mission driven innovators building an African Future where purpose and prosperity is within everyone’s reach. At FA, the goal is to partner with mission-driven innovators who are turning Africa’s biggest challenges into incredible business opportunities by providing them with capital, coaching and community. With this purpose in mind, the FA created a coaching function that shares practical wisdom through the Future Africa Venture School.

Over several months of one on one mentorship where startups ask the FA founders direct questions, they realized a lot of the questions are similar as many of the problems faced intersect. Hence, the idea to collate the questions founders ask regularly and answer them once in a way different startup founders can access it. The end result is a platform where everyone with similar questions get an answer that can be improved over time with different perspectives from experienced founders, operators and investors in Africa.

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How to use the FAVS Forum

  • You click the ASK A QUESTION button to ask your question.
  • If your question has been asked previously, you will be required to click on the thumbs up sign to vote the question up. Questions are ranked according to the number of people with similar questions; hence, the thumbs up vote gives the question a higher chance of being selected for answering.
  • Sign up to get on a bi-weekly live call with Iyin Aboyeji for 30 minutes where he and one of the founders in the FA portfolio and other experienced faculty, will talk through the top question.

If you sign up, you get a slot to listen in live every week and you can ask some follow up questions.

  • Finally, sessions are recorded, transcribed and posted on the forum right under the question.

Got questions? Ask them!

Earlier this week, I came across this quote by Charles Bukowski and it struck me how true it is especially with the way stereotypes are made and how we define ourselves based on people’s opinion and interest

“Do you remember who you were, before the world told you who you should be?”

-Charles Bukowski

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