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Grab These Travel and Tour Deals Now

There are lots of tour deals all lined up for February. But before they come, you can get in on some of these special offers to help cut down the total cost of your budget.

Below are a few travel and tour deals you might need to check out:

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1. Naidrenalin

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Join the Mask Hike Adventures, the first Abuja Hike for 2020 on the 25th January 2020. Highlights include hiking, playing games, Shirin Yoku and networking. Muster point: New Engineering Dawaki Junction (Along Kubwa Expressway). Departure: 7:15 a.m prompt. Cost of admission: Wear a Mask! If you do not have a mask, some would be available for sale on the day of the hike. For more details on this masquerade ball theme, call 08034600513, 08039349446 or email  

2. Wontra Travels

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It is raining deals! You can now save on flights to the following locations: Dubai – N205,346; London – N230,115; Singapore – N247,128; New York – N288,337; Sao Paulo – N399,652. Fares are available on Qatar Airways, Royal Air Maroc, Kenya Airways and Rwandair. For bookings and inquiries, call 070010101010, 08129912310, 09018792100, 08028425391, or email 

Also, take advantage on the price slash on Visa Deals to: UK – N71,500; Canada – N80,500; USA – N82,700. For visa enquiries, 0804204436, 070010101010 or email 

Note: Deals are subject to availability.

3. Wakanow

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Get in on the Qartar Airways Special Offer for anyone who wants to book from now till December 10th 2020. The offer includes flights to Maldives N401,816 (N106,482 in the pay small small scheme), Houston N392,189 (N103,931 in the pay small small scheme), Istanbul N328,850 (N87, 146 in the pay small small scheme) and New York N366,274 (N97,064 in the pay small small scheme). Other flight deals to get in on include: Lagos to Abu Dhabi N207,276 (N58,037 in the pay small small scheme) on Etihad from February 28th – March 9th 2020; Lagos to Houston N392,189 (N109,813 in the pay small small scheme) on Qatar Airways from March 5th – 20th 2020; Lagos to London N234,177 (N65,570 in the pay small small scheme) on Emirates from February 4th – 18th 2020.

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Lagos to London N263,673 (N73,828 in the pay small small scheme) on Rwandair from February 17th – 29th 2020; Abuja to Washington N331,520 (N92,826 in the pay small small scheme) on EgyptAir from February 21st – 28th 2020; Lagos to Accra N91,411  (N25,595 in the pay small small scheme) on African World Airlines from February 12th – 20th 2020; Lagos to Dubai N254,835 (N71,354 in the pay small small scheme) on Emirates from February 12th – March 27th 2020; Lagos and New Jersey N273,182 (N76,491 in the pay small small scheme) on Ethiopian Airline from February 23rd – March 10th 2020; and Lagos to Kilgali N168,064 on (N47,058 in the pay small small scheme) on Rwandair from January 25th – February 13th 2020. For booking, visit their website. Note: All deals are subject to availability.

4. Travelstart NG

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Hurry and cash in on these amazing offers which are selling off fast. Return Flights  (Economy class) from Lagos to Johannesburg for N149,099; Abuja to Dubai for N173,099;and Lagos to Dubai for N208,199. Other flash price sales include Lagos to Dublin for N207,099, Lagos – Kuala Lumpur for N219,999; Lagos to Singapore for N234, 999 and Lagos to London N247,099 for all Return Flights on Qatar airlines. For booking and enquiries, 012800661 or email

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