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How To Achieve Your 2020 Goals

Every year, we set targets for ourselves. We look at what’s lacking in our lives and put forth a list of things we hope to achieve before the year runs out. These targets are in varying forms; behavioural qualities or material in nature. These targets, sometimes are outlandish and look seemingly unattainable due to our past antecedents of not following through. Human beings are the most unsatisfied, the most resilient, and the most distracted of all beings. These factors play significant roles in setting goals and achieving them.

As said above, lack is what generates the longing for achievement. When a lack is discovered, dissatisfaction sets in, and when man is dissatisfied, he looks for ways to fill the loop hole; he sets a target for himself. Now, its not enough to discover what’s lacking and setting goals for oneself but what to do in order to effectively achieve those set out goals.

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Review the Failures and Successes of Your Last Set Goals

Apparently, the first thing to do is to look at your journey, the year before. One must take a very good look at where one is coming from. A critical assessment of your journey should be carried out. Strengths and weaknesses should be identified. Questions on why you failed or succeeded should be asked. One should be able to identify the source of that distraction as well as the source of the motivation witnessed in the past year. In addition, critically analyse what was attainable at the moment and what wasn’t attainable.

Identify Your Goals Going into Another Year

After one must have assessed where one is coming from, preparation for the new year should kick in before the year starts. Before the end of the year, one should have known where they failed, what goal is attainable, which is to be left out because the time is not yet right, and an outline of attainable goals should have been made. When an idea is ambiguous it becomes increasingly difficult to work towards it. So, your goals should be clear and pellucid to enable you make workable plans towards it.

Write Down and Meditate on the Set Goals

The goals decided upon should be written down and kept not too far from your reach. The need for this is so that one can easily meditate and be reminded about what lies ahead. Daily reminder and meditation can easily put one on track and in shape towards achieving his or her goals. Meditation brings about daily understanding of what has been written down

Act on The Goals

An African proverb states, when a man goes to the river to fetch water, all his kinsmen have to do for him is to pray that the water due him does not elude him but it’s his job to bend and scoop water for himself. One has to be intentional about this. One has decided on what goals to achieve, and now it is his job to carry out action as regards his achievements. With good focus and sagacity, action towards achieving the laid down targets should commence from the very first day of the new year. One has to place him or herself strategically. Achievement is contingent on action and commitment. Diligence always carries its reward. A diligent farmer never goes hungry, except the gods are asleep.

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Avoid Distractions

Unwavering dedication and responsibility are needed to ward off distractions. Avoid companies that aid you to take your foot off the gas in the pursuit of your goals. The vision was conceived by you, you have a mental picture of what ‘El dorado’ looks like so the vehicle that leads to that destination is solely yours to drive. Seek advice but the decision as regards your target is solely yours to make.

Review Your Progress Monthly

You must make sure to monitor the progress of your actions. Make sure you’re not taking a step forward and two steps backward. An inventory analysis of how far you’ve come should suffice. This will put you on your toes, get you back on track or even motivate you further, if you’re on track. You can lie to anyone else but not to yourself, therefore, an objective review of your journey so far should help you achieve your target.

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