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Origin of the Nigerian Food, Burabisco

Borno State in North-Eastern Nigeria is the central fragment of the old Borno Empire. The name of this state is said to mean “the home of Berbers.” Borno, which has been ravaged by Boko Haram terrorists, has Maiduguri as its capital. Maiduguri is said to be the largest city and the main industrial centre of the state. Borno State has an interesting history; the people have some great delicacies to their credit.

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On our food history segment today is Burabisco. Burabisco which is also pronounced as brabisco is a traditional couscous meal that hails from Maiduguri. This meal is quick and easy to prepare. The primary ingredient for making this food is couscous. Couscous is also known as burabisco in Northern Nigeria and is made from corn or wheat grits.

Nevertheless, in preparing this meal, couscous is sometimes substituted with garri. When garri is used in preparing this food, lukewarm water is added to it. The garri is then stirred with a fork so that it doesn’t form a solid mold; the small disjointed lumps of garri are what is required in preparing burabisco.

Other ingredients used in making this food are shredded chicken, carrot, green pepper, spring onions, vegetable oil, seasoning cubes, onions, garlic, ginger, chili pepper, and salt. These ingredients make this food nutritious and delightful. It also makes it one of the luxurious dishes of northern Nigeria.

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Burabisco can also be prepared as jollof. But when it is served plain, it is paired with spicy stew of meat and vegetables. This meal allegedly helps to boost the immune system. It also aids weight loss; team fitfam, this is another delicious meal that you can add to your menu.

Burabisco can be served at any time of the day. This delicacy can be best enjoyed with chilled soft drink. So, if you’ve not tasted this food before and you are thinking of something different to make with garri, try making burabisco. Assuredly, you’d be pleasantly surprised.


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Featured image source: Afrolems

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