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Recipe for Donkwa

On our recipe today is Donkwa. Donkwa is also known as Tanfiri. This snack which looks like peanut burger is well loved by children in Northern Nigeria. It is soft, yummy, filling, and very easy to prepare. Donkwa doesn’t require cooking. The main ingredients for preparing this snack are corn powder and groundnut.

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Corn Powder


Chili Powder


Ground clove

Peanut or Sunflower Oil

Method of Preparation

Sieve the corn powder to remove lumps and impurities. Pour the corn powder into a dry mill blender. Add the groundnut to it. Also add the sugar, the chili powder and the ground clove to the blender. Blend until all the ingredients are well combined; a fine powder should be the result of your effort.

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Transfer the smooth powder into a large bowl. Gradually incorporate drops of water and oil into the ground mixture. Please note that the operative word at this point is drops. Too much water or oil will make your Donkwa to look soaked or sodden. Mix well. You will notice that as you mix in the oil and water, the ground mixture will gradually begin to solidify. Continue mixing and adding water and oil until the dough becomes solid enough to be moulded without crumbling. Mould into balls or any shape of your choice. Moulding can be done with your hand. You can also use cake moulds or a miniature jelly. Once moulding is completed, your snack is ready. You can enjoy this savoury snack with crunchy peanut butter. Bon Appetit!


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