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Social Media Accounts To Follow: 4 Veteran Nollywood Actresses Who Are Still Relevant In 2020

It is one thing to be successful in a competitive industry like Nollywood but it is another to remain relevant for a considerable period of time. Yet, there are some entertainers who have achieved both and have enjoyed considerable longevity in Nollywood. Today, we’ll be looking at female veterans who are still making waves in 2020 and are showing any sign slowing down soon. 

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Sola Sobowale 

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Sola Sobowale made her major comeback in 2016 when she got cast in The Wedding PartySince then, she has been appearing in one blockbuster or the other establishing her legacy as a legend in her own right. Sola started her acting career in a time when Nollywood was still young and she got wide acclaim for her role as “Toyin Tomato” in the Super Story series. However, she didn’t stop there. Her recent performance in King Of Boys proves she is a dynamic actress and one who has the capability to tell a story through any character. 


Patience Ozokwor

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Perhaps the most endearing veteran actress to ever grace our TV screens, Patience Ozokwor created a brand for herself in the industry a long time ago. Popularly called Mama Gee and known for her “evil step-mother” rolesit is no surprise that she has enjoyed remarkable longevity and is still a sought-after actress in 2020. Asides from the recent movies she has been featured in, she also makes appearances in several television adverts for reputable brands. Patience Ozokwor’s relevance in the industry is undeniable.

Joke Silva

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It is hardly possible to speak of Joke Silva and not also bring up her husband Olu Jacobs. The couple made their mark in the industry long ago and succeeded in projecting themselves as a refined pair. Despite many on-screen appearances with her husband Olu Jacobs, Joke Silva has made giant strides in the industry as an individual. In 2020, she is still a force to be reckoned with. Her recent roles in Nollywood blockbusters like Chief Daddy show she is not going anywhere anytime soon. 


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Gloria Young 

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Apex NG

Another actress who made her name in the Super Story series, Gloria Young has enjoyed more longevity than most of her contemporaries. This apparently due to her undeniable talent which speaks for itself and the wide fanbase she has garnered over the years. Her most recent movie, Kpali, is currently in cinemas and has got a lot of people talking for its captivating storyline. We can expect to see more of Glorian Young in 2020 and beyond. 


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