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Tip of the Day: What To Do If You’ve Been Scammed Via Social Media

A significant number of people get scammed online nowadays especially through social media platforms via some phony transaction or what they call “flipcash” schemes. Customers have sent money to sellers and never got their product as promised, or got products that were nothing like what they saw online.

So, if you are one in the number and you do not know what to do, this should help.

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1. Make sure to screenshot any previous conversations (if any) between you and the scammer on all social media platforms where the conversations held.

2. Write out the full account details of the recipeint you sent money to i.e. number, name and bank, of the individual.

3. Go to the last notification you received from your bank i.e. e-mail or SMS, after you made payment. Make sure to write out the transaction ID number.

4. Go to any branch of the scammer’s bank and seek out the customer service officer in charge of fraud and lodge an official complaint.

5. If possible, print out the previously chat screenshots and submit them at the customer service desk. While at the bank, send an email to the scammer’s bank and copy the CBN’s Fraud Unit ( This is very important as banks do not like trouble with the Central Bank and copying them will make them take action much faster than usual.

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In due course, the account will be placed on hold and the owner will not be able to use it for transactions until s/he comes to the bank to rectify the issue upon which the bank will alert the police in order to make an arrest and he or she will be forced to sign a waiver allowing the bank to refund your money.


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