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Tips For Techies And Enthusiasts: A Community Is Not An Option, It’s A Lifeline (1)

The tech world is large and highly competitive, and making a career and some income from it would take more than only applying for jobs through a CV or resume. It would require something more personal – a community. A community is a social group of people with shared values, interests and identities. As we all know that the world is now a global community, the extent to which an individual in a local community or town can reach out, interact and influence people beyond his physical environment is far-reaching. As such, with platforms like social media and popular websites, individuals can create a well-bonded community with people that share the same interests, values and identity. With tech comes a need for regular updates, keeping abreast of changes in software, company control, investment opportunities and changes from internet network providers.

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A community does not only refer to a group of people with physical meetup dates and locations, with social media, but community can also be found on the internet space from Twitter to Instagram to Facebook, Dribble, Behance and even Slack. As an individual, you just have to find the communities that resonate with you, your values and interests. Today I will be sharing with you how a community is a lifeline by discussing some of the benefits to be derived from being a part of a community. Next week, we will talk about others and how to find and connect with a community. Let’s go!

Interacting with people

Tech communities are not crowd-sourced platforms for like-minded people to interact with each other and share focus as well as other interests. There are chat rooms, tweets, pages as well as posts that contain long threads of information for a techie or enthusiasts to take away from the community in terms of upgrading his/her knowledge bank. With a community, people have met friends, built professional and personal relationships that have benefited both sides of the divide. Everyone can seek help, offer help, explore challenges in a language or system or process while also challenging each other to grow.

Getting visible and job ads

The digital space can be credited with helping most people find job opportunities and employers finding employees that not only offer good services but fit the company culture based on their interaction in their community or a recommendation from a member of the community. The community provides the opportunity for available job opportunities to be posted and for individuals to interact and showcase their skills when applying for the opportunity. There is a saying that you are not who you tell us you are, you are who you show us you are. Leaving a good digital footprint matters in a community as it could be the distinction between you and another qualified applicant.

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As earlier promised, next week, we will delve deeper into how a community is a lifeline and not merely an opinion. In the meanwhile, I will leave you with this deep, familiar quote by Helen Keller – Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.

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