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Top 10 Textile Companies in Nigeria

Nigeria’s textile industry is one of the biggest in Africa. It’s a feeder for a local fashion market that’s valued at over $4.7 billion, accounting for 15% of the sector’s output on the continent.

While there’s been some growth in the past few years, the industry still has some way to go if it’s to reach the heights of the 1970s, when it employed hundreds of thousands and contributed a sizeable fraction to the Nigerian economy.

The top textile companies in the country are concentrated in Kano and Lagos, with a number sited in other towns and cities in the North and South.

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This article lists ten of these companies, where they’re located, and the products they make, in no particular order.

1. Sunflag Group

The textile section of the Sunflag Group began operating in Lagos in 1961 and has since set up in Canada, Tanzania, and Thailand (it also has a steel plant in Lagos and in India).

Sunflag’s textile facility includes a ginnery, where cotton is cleaned. There are thousands of open rotors and spindles at the factory deployed to spin a variety of fabrics. Officials at the site say that the quality of its spinning equipment allows the facility to rank among the very best textile manufacturing centers in the world.

The products fashioned by Sunflag include terry towels, bedsheets, and Ankara fabric.

2. Femro 3

Femro 3 was set up in Lagos in 1985 and is currently situated in Satellite Town. The factory spins fabric, churns out T-shirts and jackets, and screen prints on clothing. They also make customized garments and other wears for publicity purposes. And if you’d like to buy some polyester filament yarn, they have those on sale as well.

3. Dangote General Textile

The textile division of the Dangote Group isn’t as well-known as its cement or flour companies, but it’s thriving nonetheless. Located in Lagos, Dangote Textiles makes African print for the Nigerian market, and ships it out to the various buyer locations across the country.

4. AFPrint Nigeria Plc

AF Print was formally established in 1964 has its facility in the Isolo District of Lagos. It makes African prints and casual unisex wear and produces underwear as well. Besides its textile concerns, it also makes edible oil from the cotton crop that it grows.

5. African Textile Manufacturers

The African Textile Manufacturers (ATM) has its factory at a sprawling facility in Kano’s Challawa industrial estate. The current site is a second production home for this brand; the first ‘factory’ now serves as a sales outlet and warehouse for the company.

From its beginnings in 1998, ATM has served Nigeria’s growing market for garments. Today, it’s meeting the need of the wider West African sub-region in this area, with traditional prints and special order designs.

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6. Da-Viva Fashion

The Da-Viva brand is well known among Nigerian fashion circles for blending African traditional designs and Western European styles in the attires that it produces. But this company also makes the fabric from which it creates these garments, and does so with locally grown cotton.

The company has its outlets in Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan, Port Harcourt, Benin City, and Warri, as well as in Ghana, Benin Republic, Ivory Coast, and other African countries.

7. The Garment Factory

The Garment Factory has been around for almost a decade, and currently has its facility in the Utako District of Abuja.

It has seized on the resurgence of African fabric designs to build a thriving business for itself. It makes silks, georgettes, satin and soft jerseys for the mass market. Clients can also arrange for one-of, customized products to be made on their behalf.

8. Atlantic Textile Manufacturing Company

This company’s factory is located at the Ilupeju Industrial Estate in Lagos. It makes cotton yarns, grey bafts, and African prints, and supplies its finished product to retailer ventures within and outside of Lagos. 

9. Reddi2Wear

Reddi2Wear’s range of textile products includes pillowcases, table mats, T-shirts, and tracksuits. They produce these at their facility in Ikotun, Lagos, and have them sold at various outlets in the city. They also run an adjunct promotional printing service encompassing textiles and other materials.

10. United Nigeria Textiles

United Nigeria Textiles takes an integrated approach to textile manufacturing. Its production lines embrace ginning, spinning, and weaving, and churns out African prints, wax print, and dyed fabrics. Their factory is located on Davies Street, Lagos Island.

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