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You Can Now Invest in Agricultural Commodities on the AFEX Digital Platform, ComX

If you have always wanted to trade in agricultural commodities from wherever you are, there’s a solution that allows you to do just this. AFEX, Nigeria’s leading agricultural commodities exchange, has launched ComX, a digital platform that lets people from across the country to buy and sell commodities-backed instruments on their mobile phones.

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AFEX has a record of running and promoting the trade in agricultural produce in Nigeria and is widely recognized within and beyond the country’s agricultural space. ComX is its latest attempt at making the commodities market more accessible to regular people who aren’t directly involved with the agro-value chain.

The digital exchange offers a way to earn from the markets. Investors can purchase instruments backed by high demand products, and sell those instruments to parties willing to buy at a higher price.

You can take these steps to begin investing with ComX:

1. Download the ComX app for Android or iOS, or visit the webpage online.

2. Sign up on any of the above options that you choose.

3. Log in to your new account. You can either try using the demo account or immediately begin to use your real account.

NB: The demo account takes you through how to use your real account.

4. Fund your real account with a minimum of ₦10,000.

5. Put out a buying order or request.

6. You will get a contract note as soon as your orders get matched with those from another trader.

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Click here to visit the AFEX website. If you would like to register on ComX, click here to begin.

AFEX Commodities Exchange was established in Nigeria in 2014. It was registered by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2015 and licensed as the country’s first private sector-led commodities exchange system.

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