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02/02/2020: The World Witnesses A Palindromic Day

Did You know that a palindrome is a word, number or phrase that reads the same way backwards and forward. Words such as deified, civic, deleveled, Hanah, solos, stats, kayak, tenet, madam, radar, and so on. Numbers such as, 10501, 22322, 53135, and phrases like, ‘murder for a jar of red rum‘ and ‘Go hang a salami, I’m a lasagna hog’. read these words, numbers and phrases backwards and you’ll discover that they read the same.

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Today is interestingly special because it is a palindromic day. It is 02/02/2020, the second of February 2020. both from the MM/DD/YYYY and the DD/MM/YYYY perspective, it corresponds. Fascinatingly, this is the only time such will occur this century.

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According to CNN’s Emma Reynolds,

The previous palindrome date in all formats came 909 years ago on 11/11/1111. The next will come in 101 years on 12/12/2121 and after that there will not be another until 03/03/3030.

Quite interestingly, no one can witness two palindromic days, except you are to live for a thousand years.

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