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Brands We Love: Cybele Cosmetics

Nigeria is one of Africa’s biggest markets for beauty and personal care. The local industry was worth about ₦500 billion in 2017; the signs are that it’s expanded substantially since then. This growth is being fueled by millions of individuals who are increasingly conscious of how their personal appearance affects the quality of social experience.

The Nigerian personal care industry is quite fragmented; there are numerous brands playing on that turf. A greater percentage of them are fairly young, and struggle to find firm footing in this crowded space. However, a number have lasted decades, and are well established in the country.

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Cybele Cosmetics fits into the latter category. The company has been in business for over half a century, serving multiple generations of Nigerians with its evolving range of personal and household care products. These include fragrances, deodorants, skin lotions, and air fresheners. It caters to consumers all over the country.

Cybele Cosmetics began operating in Nigeria in 1967. It started off manufacturing in Lagos and distributed its products within the city, and in other major metropolises within the country. As the decades passed, it grew its range of offerings and sold to markets further afield. Today, it boasts over 40 different brands and sells to consumers in Niger, Ghana, Congo, and Uganda.

The perfume products from Cybele include the Vergoni, Senses, Bruno Valenti, Amania, and Cybele Gold fragrances. It has a selection of deodorants under its Passion brand, as well as an array of air fresheners. One set of products, the Matan Arewa, consists of perfumes designed to appeal to Northern Nigerian women.

This business with scents extends to home and office spaces and the interior of cars. Cybele produces Wind Gel and Wind Spray air fresheners, both of which can be used at homes and offices. 

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Cybele also manufactures an assortment of skin lotions and creams. These include the Passion Petroleum Jelly, Passion Cocoa Butter Cream, Belle Lotion, and Amaria Lotion. Other products from the company are the Sweet Vanilla powders, and the Wind Liquid Toilet Bowl Cleaner.

The company has its factory in Mushin, Lagos. The facility puts out Cybele products for the most part, but it’s also open to producing perfumes and household scents for third parties.      

Outside of its regular business, Cybele Cosmetics periodically undertakes social support and orientation projects. It has embarked on campaigns to promote personal hygiene among children, renovated school classrooms, and awarded scholarship grants to students.    

Featured image source: Cybele

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