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Brands We Love: Starline Nigeria Limited

Starline Nigeria is one of southeastern Nigeria’s major manufacturing companies. Located in the city of Aba, they are an indigenous producer of beauty and personal care products, including hair creams, deodorants, and skin lotions. These products serve a large customer base within and outside of the region, as they have for decades.

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The story of the Starline brand began in the 1950s with a single merchant, Peter Owunna. He had started out as the sole proprietor of a commercial drug store, Owunna and Sons. By 1962, it had grown into a sizeable trading outfit. That year, Owunna renamed it Starline Chemists and Company.

A major setback occurred during the Nigerian civil war. Owunna lost the enterprise he had built and had to start it from scratch after the war ended. The company came roaring back through the 70s; it was incorporated in 1973, launched a cosmetics factory in the same year, and expanded into plastic manufacturing in 1978.

Today, Starline has more than a dozen product lines, with each one represented by several product varieties. The company’s officials reckon that they churn out at least a hundred different items, a magnitude that’s barely matched by other fast moving consumer goods manufacturers in Nigeria.

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These items include hair treatments with coconut, olive oil, and sulfur bases; more than 20 perfume products; and a range of roll-ons with varying scents.  The Farida, Orchid, and Entice brands are among the more popular perfume ranges from its stables.

Besides these products, Starline also has at least 17 body sprays. They are represented by the Black and White Orchid, Erato, Forever Diamond, Frini, and Penelope body sprays, among others. There are other body care products as well. These include a collection of skin lotions and creams, several body mist brands, and a few balms. Starline also makes air fresheners and camphor for Nigerian households.

These products are supplied to retail points in various parts of the country and sold by distributors connected with the company. Some of these items are also shipped to consumers elsewhere in West Africa.

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