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Did you Know? 6 Meals You can Prepare from Garri

Have you ever stopped to ponder over the words, “what if?” Have you ever pondered about the power it commands? If you have, you will know that these two words which express curiosity not only dare the status quo but they are at the root of most of the good things we enjoy in life today.

In the world of food, this is no different. Most of the recipes we enjoy today are a product of other people’s curiosity. Think about it. If people had stuck firmly to the as it was in the beginning rule, our menu would consist primarily of fruits and roasted meat. So, before I share the six meals one can prepare from garri with you, I must acknowledge the legends of the food world, the people (known and unknown), who we owe the different recipes we use today.  

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Garri is a byproduct of cassava, rich in carbohydrate. It usually comes in two colours, white or yellow. This food is one of the commonest in Nigeria; it is so common that almost every ethnic group in the country consumes it in one form or the other. Some of the meals prepared from garri include:


Image result for eba
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This staple food is one of the commonest foods in Nigeria. It is a major accompaniment to most soups in the country. Eba is made by pouring hot water on garri flour and stirring with wooden spatula until a firm dough is formed. It is best enjoyed hot.

Soaked Garri

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This is the most popular garri recipe in the country. If you went to a boarding school back in the days, then you will know that this meal is a life saver. A richer version comes with such perks like milk, groundnut, coconut or even smoked fish. When one is enjoying this particular recipe, we say they are smoking or drinking garri.

Erunrun Garri

Image result for kpo kpo Garri
Kitchen Butterfly

This is also referred to as garri chin-chin. This sour and savoury snack is the result of adding beaten eggs to a bowl of seasoned garri. The somewhat firm clumps from the batter are formed by hand and then fried.

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Image result for burabisco

This is a meal that is quite popular in Borno State. It is simply a meal of garri that is garnished with chicken and vegetables. Burabisco is a tasty and nutritious meal. It is perfect for lunch.

Wainar Rogo

Image result for Wainar Rogo

This is basically garri cookies. It’s a great snack for kids. The nutrient(s) derived from this snack depends on the ingredients added to it. Wainar rogo can be considered a carbohydrate snack but if meat or egg is added to it, it can be a source of protein too.

Garri Fried Chicken

Image result for Garri Fried Chicken
Dooney’s Kitchen

This is another version of fried chicken. The first step in this recipe is to marinade the chicken. Afterwards, a bowl of garri is seasoned with uziza powder, Cameroon pepper and salt. The chicken is then passed through beaten eggs and the seasoned garri before it is deep fried.  


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