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Helpful Little Articles: How To Get Rid Of Smelly Shoes

You read right. Smelly shoes can be both uncomfortable and embarrassing as well as unhygienic for the shoe wearer as well as for those around him. The smell could make you a pariah and you don’t want people holding such notions of you.

Most times, shoes could smell because bacteria that live on the skin eat the feet’s sweat, producing isovaleric acid, thus causing the odour. Other reasons for smelly shoes could be poorly washed, harsh environment, poorly made shoes or some disease like Athlete’s feet.

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To get rid of that pungent smell, do these:

1. Dry your shoes out for a while and then wrap them in cellophane bags and put them in a freezer or fridge.

2. Let them be there for at least six hours.

3. Bring them out then put in tea bags

4. if the teabags are dry, you might as well stuff as many as five in there. If they have been used to make tea as in they are wet, remove the handles and insert into the shoe but not before you insert some foam into the shoe.

5. in both cases, leave it for at least one hour.

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If you don’t like tea bags, you can use baking soda. In this case, sprinkle the insides of the shoe with baking soda and shake around to make sure it spreads out well. Leave for 24 hours to let the shoe absorb the baking soda and neutralize the bad odour.

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