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Helpful Little Articles: The Best 9Mobile Data Bundles

9Mobile (formerly Etisalat Nigeria) has been around for over a year now and even though many subscribers say they are a shadow of themselves, they are still in Nigeria’s top four as far as telcos are concerned. So, if you are a 9Mobile subscriber, you might as well check out our take of some of some of the best data bundles on the network

Night Browsing– the plan offers 1GB of data for #200 between the hours of 12am to 5am. To subscribe dial *229*3*11#.

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Daily Data Plan– This plan is typically for those who don’t consume much in the way of data. These plans expire within 24 hours of activation. The 25MB plan goes for #50. To subscribe, dial *229*3*8#. The 100MB plan goes for #100 and to subscribe, just dial *229*3*1#.

Monthly Data– If you are a heavy data user, 9Mobile offers an array of plans for your needs. They are valid for 30 days after which the user can then roll over to the next thirty days if he/she cannot exhaust the plan (which is highly unlikely if you are reading this anyway)

1.5 GB – #1000 (dial *229*2*7#)

2GB – #1200 (dial *229*2*25#)

3GB – #1500 (dial *229*2*3#)

4.5GB – #2000 (dial *229*2*8#)

11GB – #4000 (dial *229*2*36#)

15GB – #5000 (dial *229*2*37#)

If you happen to be a really heavy user, then check these plans out:

40GB – #10000 (dial *229*4*1#)

75GB – #15000 (dial *229*2*4#)

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9Mobile have an emergency data plan for users who run out unexpectedly and it last for 7 days. To subscribe, dial *229*2*10#.

While they don’t have an unlimited plan, by dialing *229*5*1# you can get 30GB for 90 days or three months at #27000. Also by dialing *229*5*2#, you can get the 60GB for #55000 for four months.

For 100GB valid for one month (30 days), dial *229*4*5#. It would cost #65000. The largest data bundle is the 1-year – 120GB plan for #110000. To subscribe, dial *229*5*3#.


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