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Social Media Marketing Tips: 4 Reasons Why TikTok Could Be The Next Big Thing For Brands

There are so many indications that TikTok could be the next big thing for brands today. It has over 1 billion total downloads and amassed 663 million downloads in 2018. TikTok is a unique platform that targets a different audience than its competitors. Formerly, TikTok has succeeded where many other social platforms – both defunct and existing – have failed.

But how is TikTok so relevant? And why are brands beginning to acknowledge its potential? 

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In this post, I’ll explain 4 reasons why TikTok could be the next thing for brands. 

TikTok is growing at a rapid rate 

TikTok only became popular a couple of years ago but it has been growing at a rapid rate since then. Not only was it the third most downloaded app worldwide in Q1 of 2019 but it also surpassed Messenger to become the second most downloaded app during Q3 of the same year. It had amassed over 1 billion downloads by the end of 2019, surpassing Instagram, according to Sensor Tower. TikTok’s growing popularity is due to two main reasons

  • It is predominantly a video content hub that encourages downloads and shares 

TikTok stands out from other social media platforms because it allows users to freely download videos from other users and share these videos on other social media platforms. This encourages exposure and enables users to reach even bigger audiences. The free download of videos and shares on the platform has contributed to its popularity over the years. 

  • It encourages viral challenges

Another reason why TikTok is growing rapidly is viral challenges. Users come up with challenges that go viral and encourage others to join in. These challenges promote TikTok to such an extent that non-users are encouraged to join the platform. 

TikTok targets a very specific user demographic 

Unlike most social media channels that try to reach everybody at once, TikTok targets a very specific audience – teenagers and young adults. Its focus on the front camera and on viral video content makes it millennial-friendly. According to Ape App, 66% of TikTok users are below the age of 30 years. So while it may have a higher concentration of young users, it also appeals to some users older than 30 years. This makes it the go-to platform for brands whose target audience falls between the ages of 16 to 24 years. 

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A cheap platform for influencer marketing 

Influencer marketing is not yet a common practice on TikTok, unlike the other social media platforms. However, this doesn’t mean that it can’t work. In fact, this is a good thing for brands looking for a cheap platform to implement influencer marketing. TikTok is hardly competitive, thus it is cheap and with the right strategy, you can implement a trend that could bring in an ROI hardly achievable on any other platform. 

TikTok learned from the best 

Although TikTok may have a style similar to various social media channels on the market, it stands out due to the thorough testing it has undergone in the Chinese market. The introduction of tools designed to protect users from harassment and misuse is a testament to the high amount of effort put into the app in its early stages. TikTok also enlightens users on how to actually use the app and provides them with tips to ensure the safety of younger audiences. While other platforms have these features, they introduced them at a much later stage. This gives TikTok an edge and has fostered its rapid growth. 

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