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Techquest Engages Girls In Science

The world has recognized the importance and diversity in the fields of technology, science and engineering, hence the decision to dedicate a particular day each year to create more awareness in this regards.

In celebration of the International Day for Women and Girls in Science, TechQuest STEM Academy facilitated a STEM/ICT programme today sponsored by Mobile Telecommunication Infrastructure Giants, IHS Towers.

The featured students selected from public schools in low-income areas across the state and it featured STEM/ICT programs such: Coding and Programming, Digital Electronics, Robotics and Basic Science. Participating students could not express their excitement because for a number of them, this is their first major interaction with some of the electronic devices used during the training.

Reiterating TechQuest’s stand on providing platforms to ensure that more young people get into STEM, the Cofounder/Director of TechQuest STEM Academy, Charles Emembolu, stated that,

“while we celebrate the giant strides recorded by women across all fields of science, it is important that we also ensure that more females have unrestricted access to science and technology training and exposure.”

The Director also thanked IHS Towers for sponsoring such an impactful event and providing a platform for the next generation of female scientists in line with the sustainable development goals.

In the new advanced digital economy which the world operates today, the more girls embrace STEM, the better for the future of our economy because of the empowering benefits of becoming STEM literate.

Featured Image Source: Techquest

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