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For a long time, the healthcare sector in Nigeria has been plagued by the constant migration of healthcare professionals to other countries in the search of greener pastures. This is mainly due to the unfavourable working conditions that abound in the health care sector and other challenges with access to facilitates and patients.

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Seeing how this situation could wreak havoc on the healthcare sector and, in turn, endanger the lives of many Nigeria, a healthcare service driven by tech, Doctoora, has come to the rescue. Doctoora was founded to connect Nigerians with qualified healthcare professionals and enable them to gain quick access to treatment. On the other hand, the service provides a regulated platform for healthcare professionals to practise without encountering the hurdles that are typical of the traditional healthcare system.

Founded by Dr. Debo Odulana (CEO) and Beatrix Wu (co-founder & COO) in 2016, Doctoora offers a comprehensive list of services including general checkup, specialist care, antenatal care, lifestyle & fitness, and more. On the platform, users are assured of access to quality healthcare because it carries out a thorough vetting of every healthcare practitioner that joins the service. In turn, healthcare professionals receive a percentage of the commission of fees paid across the platform. This is to ensure their satisfaction and to serve as an incentive for them not leaving the country.

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Doctoora provides healthcare professionals with rentable serviced facilities on a pay-per-use basis after a verification process. It also offers them a practice management platform that enables them to keep track of their work.

As of 2018, Doctoora had acquired about 35 healthcare professionals and built a network of 15 facilities. The service aims to expand from Nigeria to other African countries in order to foster growth in the continent’s health care sector.

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