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One of the ways a nation can grow its economy is by encouraging the sales of homegrown foods. This is what Nigeria’s largest online supermarket and grocery delivery service,, set out to achieve when it emerged in 2015. Supermart was launched to not only encourage the purchase of local products but to also make the purchase of groceries and everyday essentials more convenient and seamless for customers. The service ensures that products are delivered within three to four working hours across Lagos.

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As part of its efforts to encourage the purchase of local products in Nigeria, launched its “proudly Nigerian” drive in 2016.

Speaking at the launch, co-CEO Gbolahan Fagbure said,

“We’re not one to jump on a bandwagon but for the last couple of months, we’ve been promoting homegrown goods… you will notice a ‘Proudly Nigerian’ tag on all Nigerian-made goods on our site. If you’re thinking of substituting more foreign imports for locally produced items, then there’s no better place than Supermart to find all you need for your home and office.”

-Gbolahan Fagbure

According to the CEO, the company conducted a test-run to see whether customers preferred Nigerian-made products or imported ones. They discovered that customers were more likely to choose local equivalents in a number of cases.

“… today’s customer wants to make an impact through what they buy. We have seen a 32% increase in the purchase of local products since we started promoting locally made goods.  We have seen a 32% increase in the purchase of local products since we started promoting locally made goods,”  Fagbure said.

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There are over 70,000 products to choose from on the platform thanks to its partnership with megastores like Spar, Park n Shop, 9 to 7, Mega Plaza, Multiker, Chi shoppe, and the local markets. Supermart has an array of assorted groceries and everyday essentials, the widest in Lagos, including local ingredients like Kpomo, efo, kpanla, garri, iru; fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, alcohols, dispenser water, toiletries, baby diapers & meals, and more.

With the proportion of locally made products supermart has rolled out over the years and the rapid expansion of its customer base, it is safe to say that supermart is one of the biggest players disrupting the food e-commerce space in Nigeria.

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