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Brands We Love: Daraju Industries

Daraju is one of the better-known brand names in Nigeria’s fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) space. It’s been around for just over a decade but already has a dominant force in local manufacturing. While the company is known for its toothpaste and detergents, the story behind its rise to prominence gives it a touch that many can relate with.

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On one hand, Daraju appeals to the sentiments of Nigerian consumers who prefer products that are made locally, for the local market. There’s a hint of this appeal to emotions in the company’s own name. ‘Daraju’, a Yoruba word, means ‘beautiful’ in English. The name comes with a message: local products can be just as pleasing to the senses as imported alternatives.

It’s a message that the company has run with right from its launch in 2008. Its founder, Peeyush Garg, saw that there were opportunities in the local FMCG sector. At the time, the industry was dominated by foreign companies; there weren’t many local producers challenging them. Through Daraju, Garg preached the message of pride in locally made brands. It was a smart move that won many consumers.       

But Daraju doesn’t merely rely on its consumers’ feelings to sell its brand. Since its early days, it has promoted itself as the maker of quality personal care products for the average Nigerian. Its primary target market isn’t the middle or upper class. But it’s a huge market nonetheless. Selling itself as the brand for the masses has certainly helped its cause.

More than emphasizing its lower product prices, it also offers consumers variety. It makes products in a range of niches: dishwashing and handwashing liquid, toothpaste, beauty soaps, and baby skincare products. 

The MYMY toothpaste is probably the most well-known item made by Daraju industries. Peeyush Garg says ‘MYMY’ is an abbreviation for ‘My Country My Product’. For a brand designed to thrive on feelings of patriotism and individuality, it has performed fairly well. It’s one of the country’s most widely used oral care solutions.

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Daraju produces detergents and laundry soaps, including the MYMY Excel Detergent and Rana Detergent Powder, as well as the Rana Multipurpose Soap. The company also has a range of beauty soaps under the Farha and Fressia collections.

Other items manufactured by Daraju are baby products like baby oils, petroleum jelly, baby soaps, and wipes. 

Daraju also owes much of its growth to its strong network of distributions. This network continues to expand, partly because it’s fairly easy to join. Persons interested in becoming distributors can submit a form on Daraju’s website, and get a response from its team.

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