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Connect Nigeria, Nigeria’s foremost online information portal, has taken proper service a notch higher. The concern for Nigeria and Nigerians has always been the fuel driving the company. The socially responsible organization, with the aim of making information easily accessible to Nigerians, has come up with an awesome idea that will help serve in the best form that they can.

To this effect, Connect Nigeria Podcast is in the offing, to deal with all things Nigeria; opportunities, trends, Businesses, Government, Society, Education, Tourism, Sports, and so on. The Podcast will be available to all who are interested.

However, to enable us serve you soundly, we have come up with a podcast survey, in order to gather data on what you’ll likely want to hear us talk about. This survey is an opportunity to express your preference on topics or subject matters that are of keen interests to you.

Click here, fill the form, and who knows, you might just grow your business by just listening to us.

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Chidozie Prince Ahaneku

I am a poet. I am a moderate thinker who abhors radicalism on every front and believes that most things are relative. I am a social and political critic. I love writing, reading and international politics.

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