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Covid- 19: Where Not To Find Yourself

The tendency to want to travel to places with little or no case of corona virus because it is considered a safer zone is an illusion. It is the same as carrying on with your normal routine because there is no way to tell how prevalent the COVID19 infection is in your town. Just because you may not see microbes doesn’t mean they aren’t in our world and cannot have an impact on us.

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The reality is that COVID 19 will change our lifestyle unless we adapt and eradicate the scourge. But in order to do so, we need to practise social distancing. Social distancing puts the virus at a disadvantage because needs contact to spread. That is why we have out-listed the following places for you to avoid visiting this season.

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Boat Cruise: Boat cruises are luxury getaway resorts on the seas. It is easy to believe being on one puts you far away from land where infection rages. In the early days of COVID-19’s reign of terror, it infected 706 people on the Diamond Princess cruise liner off the coast of Yokohama, Japan. It stayed in the vessel for 17 hours long after people departed from it. This was one of the scenarios that gave rise to the theory of the virus remaining on surfaces long after it spreads or spreads faster in confined spaces. So no, you will not be safer if you go on a cruise off the coast of Dubai this season. 

Transport Vehicles: Due to the confined space theory, it is advisable to avoid travelling in an aeroplane, a crowded train, boat or car/bus. This is because you cannot practice social distancing effectively in these spaces. If anyone with the virus gets into that space, you will all breathe in the same air before you get to your destination. Most vehicles are enclosed, forcing passengers to breathe in the same air circulated by air conditioners. The longer you spend in the presence of someone with the virus, the more likely you are to be effected especially if the person is asymptomatic (i.e. not showing any signs of being infected). This is the reason the government has banned inter-state travels as a means to curb the spread of the disease.  

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Gatherings and Community Events: COVID 19 spreads faster in closed quarters so it is important to avoid any large gathering. Examples of large gatherings include weddings/owanbe, gyms, rallies, religious centres, house parties, community festivals, cinema, banks, lounges, etc. In such events, you maybe tempted to hug someone, shake hands, touch infected surfaces,sneeze or do a number of things that might encourage the spread of the disease. Recently south of Sydney in Australia, some people attended a wedding and out of 140 guests, 37 tested positive for the Corona virus two weeks later. The authorities could not ascertain the source of the contagion at the wedding. By avoiding crowded places, you might avoid interaction with an infected person, getting infected or spreading the infection to those you love who are in close proximity with you.

Hospitals: This might seem like an oxymoron but I assure you it is not. Hospitals are the first place sick people go to, but they are also crowded places where the risk of spread is higher. In hospitals, people are already ill with other diseases and their immune system is low. Most of the deaths from corona virus are from people with underlying health symptoms, not just old people. So it is advisable to call in when you have symptoms and self-isolate to curb the spread of the disease, until a qualified health official comes to test you and cart you off to an isolation facility for further treatment and monitoring.  Most states have emergency NCDC call numbers/centres for you to get medical advise. There is also the internet to connect with the World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) for information on what to do when in doubt. So no, do not go to the hospital if you suspect you have symptoms of COVID-19 infection.


Stay safe this season people.

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