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Helpful Little Articles: The Best Glo Data Bundle

Glo offers some of the cheapest data plans and everyone knows this and while many may complain about the quality of what is offered, the fact that their subscription numbers have gone up since prices went down. What is more? They offer price splash to new customers. Who would not be tempted? So we will be articulating the best data bundle on the Glo network.

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Daily Plans

1.27MB for N50/1 day (45MB for New Customers). To subscribe, dial *777# 

2. 90MB N100/1 day (160MB for New Customers). To subscribe, dial *777#

3. i) 340MB 500MB (400MB + 100MB Night) N200/2 days

    ii) 500MB (400MB +100MB for New Customer). To subscriber, dial *777#

4. 1GB- 800MB + 200MB Night N500/14 days

     i) 1.8 GB (1.6GB + 200 MB Night) for New Customers. To subscribe, dial *777#

Monthly Plans

A. 2.3GB-1.8GB + 500MB Night (N1000/30 days)

3.7 GB (3.2GB + 500 MB Night) for New Customers

B. 3.75GB-3.25GB + 500MB Night (N1,500/30 days)

6.75 GB (6.25GB + 500 MB Night) for New Customers

C. 5.25GB- 4.75GB + 500MB Night (N2,000/30 days)

9.5GB (9GB + 500 MB Night) for New Customers

D. 7GB- 6.25GB + 750MB Night

N2, 500/30 days

12.75 GB (12GB + 750 MB Night) for New Customers

These are the most affordable but there are much more copious data plans in that order and you can access them by dialing *777#.

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Special (Binge) Plan

A. 1GB-N300/1 day Or dial *777#

B. 2GB-N500/2 days Or dial *777#

C. 7GB – N1500 / 7Days Or dial *777#

Campus Booster

The plan is meant to support the data needs of students majorly by more than doubling their subscription. If you purchase a #200 data plan, you get 450MB, 50MB for data sharing and #200 airtime.

 Night Plans

  1. 250MB-N25 / 12am to 5am (1 day validity)
  2. 500MB-N50 / 12am to 5am (1 day validity)
  3. 1GB- N100 / 12am to 5am (5 days validity)

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