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Helpful Little Articles: Top 10 event centres around Lagos

Lagos is, in truth big on event centres. Not by world standards anyways. Some do have the distinction of being the go-to-venue for most any event as multi-purpose event halls. So, here goes some of the ten most fancied of venues in the city. Come with us.

  • Eko Convention Centre
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By far the best of venues in Lagos, the multi-purpose hall of repute has become the go-to venue for most things major in the entertainment industry like concerts and award shows. Typically, it has come to be a dream for entertainers to play at “Eko Hotel” as career objective. The hall holds anything from five to seven thousand people on a good day. It is the most booked venue in Nigeria as there is almost no day in the year its not in use for other things asides entertainment. I understand booking the venue would set you back about ten million naira or more depending on what you intend to use it for.

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  •  Grand Ballroom (Oriental Hotel)
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Venue Hero

This is one of the most sought after venues in the high end of the events and entertainment. The cream of the Lagos elite. The venue is located in a prime location at the point that Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue turns to the Lekki-Epe Expressway. The hall can accommodate over 2000 guest in theatre sitting and 1200 in banquet sitting. Quite interestingly, the venue offers personalized services to guests on request which explains why it is so highly regarded among the cream of Lagos.

  • Balmoral Convention (Federal Palace Hostel)
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This IS one of the more popular event centres in recent times in Lagos. The venue has grown into the consciousness of many concert and festival goers because of its increasing relevance with entertainers. The marquee hall can sit at least 2500 guest, theatre style and about 1500 guests banquet style. It is equipped with a green room/changing room a stage, ample parking space and lots of restrooms.

  • Dorchester Event Centre
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Venues NG

This is a marquee banquet hall in the Victoria Island Annex area. With a theatre style capacity of about 4000 and banquet style sitting of about 1500. It is within the vicinity of a good number of hotels.

  • Balmoral Event Centre, Ikeja
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Venues NG

This marquee hall is one of strong recent reputation in the space, especially as it is away from the island’s large cluster of event centres. Located at Opebi Ikeja, it has a total capacity of about 1500 for banquets and 2000 for theatre style settings.

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  • Landmark Event Centre
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The 2000 capacity hall is quite the multi-purpose event centre. From conference centre, exhibitions, expos and concerts as well as smaller gatherings where the hall can be demarcated for smaller capacity events. It part of the Landmark Complex and is not far from some of the best hotels in the Lagos.

  • Lekki Coliseum
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Lekki Coliseum

The SkyView Lounge provides some the best view in the event and theatre space. At 26 metres up in the air it is home of the best ambience you will get in this city for any price. The Imperial Hall is “a state of the art facility with modern electrical /electronic gadgets for both individual and corporate organizations”.

The event centre can take up to 1000 persons on theatre sitting and 500 on banquet style sitting.

  • The Bespoke Centre
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Hotels NG

The Bespoke Centre stands out for its location and layout. It is located right next to the Sabitex Hotel which it actually serves. The hall is a truly multi-purpose one with a 1200-seater setting on theatre style and 600-seater on banquet style.

  • Anchor Events Place
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Rent Your Hall

This one of the best priced in this category and with good reason too. At #950,000, you will have access to a 1000 seater (banquet sitting) and 1500 (theatre sitting), fully air-conditioned multipurpose hall.

  • Civic Centre
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The Dopest Architect

The Civic Centre is the premium venue for big weddings amongst the Lagos’ elite. The venue is not the biggest in that light but it is one of the most premium, if not the most premium. The venue spots 600 seater (banquet) and 1000 (theatre) and goes for 2.5 million on a weekend but 1.8 million should do for a weekday event. It is located on Ozumba Mbadiwe Avenue hence very accessible.

Featured Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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