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Helpful Little Articles: Top Ten Things to do in Lockdown

So the world is very much aware of the corona virus and as far as the times are concerned the most effective way of containing the spread is through self-isolation. Now quarantine, lockdown, self-isolation and social distancing are coterminous terms which have gained traction in this troubled times and they basically speak to limiting social contact and mingling to contain the spread of the virus. While at this point, it might be mere conjecture, given the nature of our economy and the Nigerian nature, the likelihood of a lockdown is certainly more today than it was a week ago. For context, at the time of writing, Nigeria has 27 confirmed cases according to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and only two have tested negative since.

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So Helpful Little Articles, will be giving some ten things you may do to ward off boredom as in any case, a few responsible citizens have resorted to self-isolation so this piece is in order already.

1. Learn a new skill: Yes, I said it. Bill Gates did say recently that lockdowns could last up to ten weeks. In that time, you could do enough YouTube binging to become an intermediate pro at a new skill provided you apply yourself diligently. You may come out more skilled than before and more employable hence. Think about it. Now skill up.

2. Try playing a new game: Like NaijaWhot or some board game like chess or ayo. They help you use your mind a little more especially as social media can become boring and monotonous once it is all you have got. Gbas Gbos, likes and comments and retweets won’t save you if it was all you had to go with. In any case, 24/7 electricity is still a prayer point in our country so you will do well to learn to have fun away from technology, you know.

3. Know your loved ones better: Between going to work or school and being on our phones always, we tend to lose that human connection that makes family thick. So, now that you would have to actually live with each other, you might as well reconnect and remind yourself why you chose that special” someone” or know your children better.

4. Learn to play an instrument: Yes oh!!! Learn a guitar or piano as they are the go to for these times. Learning drums or the sax might make you a neighbourhood nuisance and if you are not a church, most people may complain to your landlord or worse still take their case to LASEMA. If your home is soundproof though, then knock yourself out then.

5. Secure your entertainment: Get a Netflix subscription or renew yours if like me you have not in months. Secure your home internet subscription because your Netflix without it. Pay your cable subscription and don’t forget to buy enough fuel so you don’t get to go out much but even at that, take care to stay safe and observe proper safety measures as petrol is still flammable at the time of writing.

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6. Start a new venture: An old friend told me of how he has made the self-isolation period work for him. As a gym instructor, most of his clients and customers have bailed on him because of the panic surrounding this period. So he started selling online gym sessions to customers online and guess what? It has been an instant hit. Now, you may not be a gym instructor but blogging could be a good option in this time and if that is not M.O., find some way for the internet to work for you if you can make time away from home.

7. Try to avoid negativity: To stay sane, try and avoid negativity and fake news about the virus as this open season. P.S.A, chloroquine is not a cure for the virus so please don’t tow that path. For all authentic news on the virus, stay hooked to the hashtag #Covid-19 on social media,, and follow @NCDCgov on Twitter.

8. Read a book: This would be an ideal way to exercise your mind while steering clear of the news entirely and any fake news. So get a book you have been meaning to read and study that thing proper. Knowledge is never a waste.

9. Be Creative: If you are a creative by profession, this will be a good time to be channel our creative juice. Draw (I do), paint, design, write and you might just make magic in the process.

10. Stock up your suppllies: I did not say panic-buy o. Stock up as will be sufficient for you and your dependents. Don’t go buying up the store and leaving the rest of us with jack to go on. Be guided.

Otherwise, people, stay safe. Wash your hands and protect your hygiene, both personal and environmental. More importantly, stay positive and let us hope for the best.

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