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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: Originality

Each of us have something that sets us apart as individuals. That is indeed why we are called individuals. Our individuality may be the most precious thing that has been committed to us from birth. So how ironic is it that humans with all their individuality have a burning need to belong to a group of one nature or another, hence, adapting their behaviors to suit that of the group? You see, in conforming with the group ethos, we lose our individuality eventually and become lost in the multitude that is the group, which is what this article bothers on.

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Originality suggests independence and independence is usually associated with qualities as creativity and confidence. Those who even while fitting with the group ethos still find a way to set themselves apart to the benefit of the group. Like great dribblers on a football team, you might ruffle a few feathers because of individuality, but your value to the team would never go understated or unmentioned because you will be a natural problem solver in knotty situations.

Finding new ways to be original speaks to freshness and even authenticity, so a person given to being original with ideas and actions will find that they are the go to person when things get tough or new ideas are needed. Even in this moment, observe closely your environment and you will find that those who are highly rated have an air of uniqueness to them that sets them apart. It could be down to their skill set, style or their carriage. The originality could be profound but then, again, it is there and people react to it both consciously and unconsciously.

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So this Monday, dare to be different and consciously make an effort to differentiate yourself via your originality. It is usually advisable that one cultivates this habit organically so you don’t come off as superficial. Think different and don’t do it just because you want to different from others but because it is a way of life and makes you a better employee, team player and individual in general. Observe that people who are not always given to the “bandwagon effect” are among other things capable and as such self-assured. Ultimately, the confidence in your uniqueness will devolve to other aspects of your life and there will be a remarkable upgrade.

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