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Monday Motivation: Reliability and Consistency

Following up to the article on change previously, I thought it’s only fair to balance it out with a perspective on consistency. You see while change is beneficial, there is boundless goodwill in being consistent with anything you are involved in. A quick search on that word will give you this: “consistent behaviour or treatment”.  Being consistent is truly an underrated virtue and it is not hard to see why, but a great man once said, “if you want to be taken seriously, be consistent”. Which essentially brings us to our subject matter.

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Consistency shows more of your person than your talents ever will and most will take a consistent individual over a talented one. Consistency says you are dependable, reliable and loyal and people don’t joke with such qualities. A glance at history will tell you just that. Mark Zuckerberg had created different iterations of a social network before he settled for “The Facebook” and even at that he has continued to seek out new ways of keeping the network relevant in the face of stiff competition and a cut-throat environment that he incidentally happened to create. He was and is still consistent.

Steve Jobs started Apple and then got fired in 1985 but he did not just roll over and sulk. He continued doing what he loved doing- developing technological solutions to the world’s problems- and founded NeXT, a company that created computers for business markets and higher education needs. As the story goes, Apple had to ask him to return and practically pay for his return with an acquisition of his company to ensure his undivided loyalty and the rest is history in that regard.

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Consistency more than anything ensures mastery of anything it is applied to. When you stay consistent at doing something, you ensure your dexterity at doing it as well your dependability. People can take it for granted but in doing something consistently and repeatedly, you will gain the acknowledgement of those around and automatically become the go-to-guy in the group for such a thing. Consistency will serve you well in the work place as responsibility usually reflects your level of commitment. Besides, when push comes to shove, your consistency will be a reference point and a big factor in why you get promoted or elevated. Bosses will, after all, pick reliability before sheer talent. In your personal life, consistency is probably the biggest denominator of affection and commitment.

If you are committed to someone, then you will make it a daily goal to for a pattern of little traits that betray this love and usually it Is those little things that matter. In being consistent, you may conquer the very human trait of tapping out at some point for a given reason hence, in being consistent we conquer our weaknesses and that tends to devolve to other aspects of our lives. So, this Monday, aim to be consistent.

Do stay blessed.

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