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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: Vision

The nature of man is such that he must see something to actually aspire to it, and then he must aspire to even begin to attempt to achieve it. Some of the amenities we today enjoy and take for granted were the product of people’s visions. The battles they had to fight so we can enjoy them are almost incongruous when compared to the triviality with which we take them now. Vision is the engine that drives achievement hence without visualizing there can be no concept or conception of ideas.

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People of vision are usually those that have made the world what it is. It took vision for China to be the engine room of the world today. Fifty years ago, China was a third world nation just like many African countries but the vision of great leaders like Deng Xiaoping set in motion a plan that will mean China becoming a top economy in seventy years from the year 1980 and forty years on they have surpassed their own expectations as the world’s second largest economy. As a leader or entrepreneur, it is hugely necessary to possess vision and not just any vision but one you believe in.

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This Monday, endeavor to have a vision going into the week and aim to see it through to a reasonable conclusion. A vision would sharpen your focus and increase your drive. When you have a vision, you will find new ways to solve problems because your ultimate goal will be seeing your vision through to a reasonable conclusion. So have a vision and follow it through.

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