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Smartplugin Launches To Help Nigerian Businesses Automate Their Processes

Smartplugin, a cloud-based solution, is launching to help businesses in Nigeria automate their current manual processes. Its digital platform will enable thousands of companies to manage their visitor records, track employees in real-time, generate detailed customer data, and keep tabs of their assets, without the paper records or physical effort often required to do these things.

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The app unites several technologies in a single application: Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human Resource Management (HRM), project management, payroll solution, and organization-wide communication tools, are all provided for.

Darlington Onyeagoro, Cofounder and CEO of Smartplugin, says that it’s a tool that could give Nigerian businesses a tech-driven competitive advantage in the markets they target.

“Out of the 3.1 million registered organizations in Nigeria, hundreds of thousands of companies fit this profile. They urgently need an upgrade.”

Mr. Onyeagoro explains.

Smartplugin’s solutions include a Visitors Management Solution for formal business establishments. Its tablet-based system captures such things as visitors’ names, contact details and photos, stores them, and informs the host of the visitors’ presence via SMS. It cuts out the bulk and clutter of the traditional log record book at security posts and gives your organization a professional look.

With this tool, HR personnel can take on several employee-related processes on a single digital platform.  These include onboarding, approvals, leave policy, travel, and time and attendance. HR officers can manage these from wherever they are.

It also has a Time and Attendance module that uses the latest in Geo-fencing technology to ensure that your employees only clock in within the premises of your organization. It provides data on your employees’ real-time location and their attendance behaviour within a period (Now, 1 Hour ago, Today, 1 week, 1 month, last 3 months, etc.) and places them in categories that show how much they have complied with attendance rules.

Smartplugin integrates a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution that gives you insights into your customer data. It shows you where they are in the deal cycle, so you know how to bring them nearer to making a purchase.  And if they are already paying clients, this tool reveals data about their previous interactions with your business. This information will help you manage your relationship with them better. 

Accounting departments can use this app’s payroll solution to automate employee salary payments. Your admins can deploy it to keep tabs of your company’s physical assets, manage and invoice projects, and stay connected with the wider organization through the app’s email and chat functions.

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Smartplugin has a variant designed for gated communities (like estates). These estates can use its special security feature to automate visitor identity management and tracking and ensure the safety of their environment.

With just ₦10,000 per month, companies with less than 50 employees can enjoy the Smartplugin solution. Companies can also choose to buy their own hardware or allow Smartplugin to handle both hardware and software.

Smartplugin is accessible as a web tool, and can also be downloaded as an application for desktops, as well as for android and iOS-powered mobile devices.

A partner program offers you the chance to recommend this tool to companies that may need it. To be a partner, you will be required to provide a minimum of two businesses, estates, or residences that are willing to use the application. Partners earn up to 20% of the total revenue earned from a customer. There’s more information about the partner program on the Smartplugin website.

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