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Tip of Day: How To Dry And Fix A Smartphone

To own a smartphone is to know the risk of owning one and to most smartphone owners, their phones having anything to do with water is a real scare. Probably because it has happened before. So if you have had it happen to you and won’t have it repeat itself, get in here.

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  1. If your phone was doused in water, fell in water or was submerged in water, quickly retrieve it so the damage does not stay permanent.
  2. Quickly remove the battery. As in open it up and pull out the battery. Do not bother to turn it off or press any button. If you have one of those phones with no-removable batteries, then just turn it off. The idea is to cut out the power to the phone so it does not short circuit.

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  1. Do not blow-dry or heat it up. You may damage delicate components.
  2. You probably heard stick it in a bag of dry rice for anything from 12 to 36 hours and I am here to tell you it works. Not that it did for me though. There is the possibility that you could get rice into those openings of the phone (which I did) or get wet rice in those crevices after an extended period so it would be wise to wrap the phone in soft tissue for maximum effect.

Note that it might not always work so when it does not make sure to seek the help of an expert or call customer service.



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