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Tips for the Day: Preventing COVID-19 As Best As You Can

Now that we are entering the panic mode, we could do with some COVID-19 self-prevention tips that will give each of us a chance of survival.

1. Wash your hands

It is almost like a hit song worldwide right now. And the trouble with hits is people just get tired of hearing after a little while. But this is one message, you cannot afford to pass on through. Wash your hands with soap and running water so you can stay alive.

2. Hand Sanitiser

Purchase an alcohol-based hand sanitiser to cleanse your hands with, where water is not readily available. Make sure to take it with you wherever you go.

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3. Social Distancing

KEEP AWAY FROM PEOPLE. No casual touching, kissing, hugging and all that mushy stuff. Learn to live with yourself. Even if not for you, do it for others especially the elderly around you. As symptoms take a week or two to show forth, you will have passed it to an entire community if you disregard all the noise that has been made about social distancing. Give at least 2 metres distance from people. So not to be tools in the hands of the ‘evil one’.

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4. Work from Home

Many companies have started expediting this option so you are probably reading this from home as we speak. Try and make it work if you are self-employed. That is why we have the internet. Help the world flatten the curve.

5. Stay safe and stay informed.

Now the latter is very important. Stay on the look-out for more tips to keep you and yours safe. Also, make sure the info you work with is authentic and from creditable sources.

Stay tuned to for verifiable information and tips on the Corona Virus pandemic.

Featured Image Source: World Health Organisation

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