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Websites We Love: Klasha

Klasha, a fast-fashion retailer company, started in 2017 to cater to women aged 18-28 in Nigeria, Ghana, Francophone countries, and more countries in Africa. The company was founded by Jessica Anuna, a young entrepreneur with a background in e-commerce, fashion, and manufacturing.

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She started Klasha to connect young millennial consumers in Africa to high-quality fashion products on a global scale. It all started when she visited Nigeria and discovered that there was a dearth of online fast-fashion retailers in the region.

“Consumers were ordering goods from overseas retailers and having to wait weeks for deliveries,” she recalled in an interview with Pulse.

This discovery led her to come up with the idea for a platform that would provide young people in Africa with access to the frictionless e-commerce experience offered in other developed markets. She launched Klasha less than six years ago with an all-female team of six all under the age of 27. The company which has offices in Dubai and Lagos targets millennial women aged 18 to 30. Jessica believes Klasha is on the right track thanks to the exponential growth the African fashion industry has experienced in recent times.

In her words,

“Last year, in Africa, Nigerians alone imported more than $4bn worth of fashion into the country. I am particularly excited about how the manufacturing industry is developing on the continent, especially in Ethiopia and Rwanda.”


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In a time when Africa is witnessing a surge in digitisation and internet connectivity, many online retailers find it easy to scale quickly across the continent. Klasha itself has thus far been able to solve its logistics infrastructure and its cross border value chain across the continent. The company records this achievement as its biggest to date.

In 2019, Jessica Anuna was named one of Africa’s new wealth creators. Her recognition in this regard is not far-fetched given the great strides her company has made within the last decade.  Klasha has contributed immensely to the digital economy by taking a customer-first approach. The company is always seeking new ways to improve the overall online customer experience by relying on data collected from its website and on social media.

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