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COVID-19: Screenlab Africa Presents Lockdown Monologue Challenge

To keep people busy and entertained during the lockdown, Screenlab Africa is presenting a Lockdown Monologue challenge.

The challenge, which started on April 13th and takes place every week, requires participants to create monologues on any topic and send it to Screenlab Africa via Dropbox, after which it is uploaded on Youtube. 

The participant whose video attracts the most views for each week wins a sum of N 5,000.

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Who Is The Organiser Of The Lockdown Monologue?

Screenlab Africa is a film and television script incubator platform committed to providing structural and infrastructural support for African screenwriters, directors, and producers.

Guidelines For Submission According To Screenlab Africa 

  • Do a video monologue that fits you and is age-appropriate.
  • Express the uniqueness of who you are and speak to your strengths.
  • Monologue can be any subject matter.
  • Ensure it is active and in the moment, not a character telling a story or a memory.
  • It’s not compulsory but you are allowed to have a passive partner in your video.
  • Video should be between one to five minutes but must not exceed.
  • Email your video monologue via a dropbox link to

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  • Get your family and friends to view your submission uploaded on our YouTube channel (Neoafriquetv).
  • The subject of your email should be “monologue challenge” followed by your name.
  • Your submission will be acknowledged and assessed by our acting coaches.
  • Submission opens from Monday, April 13th, 2020 and will be weekly.
  • Submission opens every Monday and closes midnight Sunday.
  • Winners from previous week will be announced every Monday.
  • Ensure your video is well lit so we can see you.

Follow @screenlabafrica for updates.

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