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Helpful Tips: How to Turn Your Lockdown into a Staycation

Cities and countries are under lockdown because of the ongoing pandemic. Travel is largely prohibited, and leisure travel has ceased to exist. But it is not all grave news. The extended holidays brought on by the COVID-19 lockdown doesn’t need to be long and boring. You can still turn this stay at home into a staycation.

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A staycation is an alternative to a vacation for those who can’t travel. With the lockdown running into weeks, we recommend this as a way to ward off boredom. It is important to plan what you hope to accomplish with the staycation. Otherwise this may fail to differ from every other day you’ve spent indoors during this lockdown. Here are a few tips:


These days some of us work from home and use whatever spare time we leave for leisure. But for your staycation to work, you need to take time off work like you would during a normal vacation. This means finishing your weekly workload in record time to create time for a scheduled staycation.


Be intentional about your staycation. Abstain from news or information that might upset or stress you.


In place of a food tour, read up on recipes for different cuisines then go shopping for the items you need for creating them. This way, you get to create a unique meal from another culture or serve your meals hotel style: tablecloth, candles, silver wares, etc.


Just like you start a vacation with activities to accomplish within start and end dates, you would need to do the same here. To make the staycation feel special, you need to choose specific days of the week for the activities. You can fix it for the weekend or use four days in one week. Schedule an activity for each time of the day, including when you need to sleep, read or relax. Keep it as structured as possible.


If you own a rubber or backyard pool or a jacuzzi, now is the time to use it. Activities you could schedule into your itinerary could include a sunbath, a romantic dinner for two, or a game night.

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Engage in a walking tour around your neighbourhood alone or with the person you are self isolating with. Just ensure you keep a 6-feet distance from other people along your path.  

Finally, the key to do a successful staycation is planning leisurely activities within a structured daily itinerary to unwind. Remember, the aim is to relax and ensure you come out of this lockdown refreshed. 

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