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Little Ways To Make Packing For Travel Easier

One way to get your mind of the panic caused by excessive news of COVID- 19 is to focus on other issues. One issue we recommend you should focus on is life after this pandemic.

Most travellers feel stagnated now by these lockdown rules. But you can free your mind by thinking of the little ways you can make your packing easier for your next trip after the Corona virus saga. Sometimes when people try to pack light, the focus is usually on the number of clothing and size of luggage. But there are ways you can make packing for travel easier. Such as,

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1. Top-tote Hat Clip 

The weather is so hot these days that travelling with a sun hat is in order. But sometimes, you may not want to wear it to travel and you might not want it distorted from packing it with your clothes inside your box or travelling bag. The solution to carrying your hats with you on a trip is to have a tote hat clip. This magnetic clasp can carry as much as three to four hats as an addendum to your travelling handbag for ladies. You can affix it to the handle of any travelling bag and allow your hats to dangle from it on the side.  

2. Tote Bag 

A leather tote bag is ideal for travelling because it has different compartments for your items like a water bottle, pens, etc. to help you stay easily organised. If you are looking to have an alternative bag to use besides the leather tote, you can use a breathable, fold-up tote bag. It saves you from dealing with lots of nylon bags when you go shopping and can double as a picnic or beach bag. Eliminating the need to carry multiple handbags for your trip. It has a large capacity and folds up nicely into a small size, saving you space in your luggage and making it easy to carry around with your load when you travel.

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3. Medicine Bag 

This can be any small purse or a sealable bag. The point is to have all your medication in a carry-on pack kit of like a mini first aid bag. Or better yet, just have a small-sized first aid kit with you that includes medications. Here are some medicines you should always travel with: painkillers like paracetamol, allergy-relief drugs, cold/flu medications, tummy ache/heartburn relief and anti-malaria drugs.

4. Ziplock Or Seal-Able Bags 

Unlike your tote bags made from cloth, these bags are made from plastic. They are great for packing snacks/meals, wrapping damp clothes, containing wetness and for travelling with carry-on liquids.

5. Toiletries Kit

Having a bag of travel-sized toiletries can be of immense importance because you never know when it might come in handy. The travellers’ toiletries to have are tissues, bathing soap, toothpaste, anti-bacterial wipes/sanitiser, spare toothbrush, etc. Rather than counting on your host or a hotel to have these ready for use, it’s best you take yours with you.

Disclaimer: Due to the unpredictability of the coronavirus Outbreak in Nigeria, all forms of travel, especially interstate travel, is not advisable, this period. It is best to wait till the pandemic is over before embarking on a trip. 

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