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Lockdown Exercise: The 5 Exercises You Can Do While You Are Self-Isolating Due To COVID-19

It can be demoralising when you are eager to do the things you love doing but can’t do them due to a restriction. This has been the case for many fitness enthusiasts who have to stay isolated in their homes due to the coronavirus outbreak. If you’re one of such individuals, do not fret. Our homes open a lot of opportunities for exercise in ways we may never have imagined. 

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On the other hand, if you hate exercise and are probably excited about chilling and watching Netflix since gyms are closed, then we got news for you: exercise will strengthen your immune system, make you fitter in general, boost your mental health, and even take your mind off the pandemic. 

Whatever the case may be, exercises are fun, healthy, and energising activities. That’s why you should grab hold of any opportunity you find to do them. 

Below are 5 exercises you can, and should, engage in during the Covid-19 lockdown for the sake of your health and sanity. 


For years, yoga has proved to ease stress and anxiety in individuals who practise it. It is one of the best exercises you can do in times like this. This is because of the ways in which it can benefit your mental health. Not only that, but yoga ensures a full-body workout. So, if you are looking to burn some calories or get toned muscles, then you should consider practising the exercise. 

The best of it all is that you hardly ever need much space to be able to practice. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, you could look up youtube videos or read a book on yoga poses to start doing them. Yoga can be especially helpful for anyone feeling anxious, as it makes you focus on your breathing and takes your mind off your problems.

Insta workouts

Instagram is a gem when it comes to home workouts. The video-sharing platform is full of online fitness classes that anyone can get involved in. To top it all off, most of these fitness classes are designed into short videos that barely take any of your time. 

However, some Instagram channels bring live workouts for those who want to engage in more intensive and longer sessions of workout. Whatever your goal is, look up Insta workouts on Google and you will be thrilled with what you find. 

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Walking Or Running 

During the lockdown, it is not a bad idea to go out for a run or walk as long as you’re going solo. Both exercises are good for your heart and keep you energised all day. To stay healthy, studies recommend that one achieves 10,000 steps-a-day.

You can, however, start small if you can’t reach this mark and set a goal that is best suited to your abilities. 


If you’re smooth on the dancefloor, there is no better time to start showcasing your impressive dance moves. Even if you’re not that great at dancing, you can look up viral dance tutorials on Youtube. Titok is another platform to search for viral dance routines – most notably the Foot Shake.

Dancing is one activity that proves working out doesn’t need to feel forced. And it doesn’t require much space.


During the outbreak, keeping the home clean is more essential than ever. But have you ever thought of the fitness benefits? Cleaning your home is a great workout that enables you to burn a lot of calories. 

Scrubbing the bathroom, doing the laundry, and making the bed are all great exercises. Get some work done around the house and you will be burning those calories.

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