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Nigerians You Should Know: Olatoye Babatunde

The globe is currently fighting the corona virus pandemic which has claimed lots of lives and left families mourning the death of loved ones. As soldiers are at the fore during wars, medical practitioners around the globe have been at the frontline in the battle against the deadly virus to curtail its spread and aid the recovery process for people already infected. Doctors, Nurses, and other health officials in parts of the globe affected must have lost count as regards the number of nights they have slept like we do as human beings owing to the fact that they need to attend to corona virus patients in health facilities; putting their lives at risk to see the world conquer the virus. It is necessary to emphasize the fact that the fight against the pandemic is a collective one, thus, health workers need all the help they can get from the globe in this fight.

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Olatoye Babatunde, a Nigerian student in China volunteered to join in the fight against the virus in the Asian country since February 6, 2020, not as a Medical Doctor or Nurse but as someone who has the interest of the globe at heart. 24-year-old Babatunde was motivated by efforts made by health officials in China as the corona virus spread, killing thousands and leaving a lot scared for their lives since its emergence from Wuhan, China. A resident of East Chinese Jiangsu province, the Nigerian decided to contribute his part in the fight against the zoonotic disease despite not being a citizen of the most populated country in the world, something rare among foreigners residing in any country.

Babatunde deals with recording the travel information of the community’s residents and takes their temperatures in Nanjing. Since joining efforts to fight the disease on February 6, the Nigerian’s picture has been all over the internet especially on social media sites. Without a doubt, Babatunde is an example the globe cannot help but emulate especially the global youth population with strong immune system and less risk of dying from the infection. Scared at the initial stage, it took a lot of courage for the Nigerian to look aside numerous factors that could easily discourage him from joining health workers at the fore during this pandemic period.

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I was scared. Countless cases were piling up on the desks, and every single doctor was wearing protective clothes, something I’d never seen before

Olatoye Babatunde

On January 21, 2020, Babatunde started running a fever and was unable to finish his dinner owing to weakness. Suspecting he had caught the virus, he got tested and the results returned negative, only for the pain to deteriorate as Chinese medical experts warned that it was possible for uninfected people to suffer the paranoia accompanied with the fear of contracting the virus. After his case was dismissed by doctors on account of it being minor, it was time for the Nigerian student to play his part in combating the infection. Presently, the disease has spread to major parts of the globe including Nigeria, and we must think of ways through which we can assist health workers in the fight whether by staying indoors as advised or volunteering like Olatoye Babatunde did.



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1 Comment

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    asugha samuel

    8th April 2020 at 8:45 am

    Commendable of Olatoye Babatunde,very inspirational of him

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