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Recipe for Coleslaw

Coleslaw is basically a cabbage and carrot meal that is dressed with mayonnaise or salad cream or a mixture of both. It is the small sister of salad. It is easy to prepare and the ingredients are fewer. This perhaps explains why it makes a regular appearance in most Nigerian homes especially on Sundays. Coleslaw can be eaten as a full meal but it is mostly served as an accompaniment to rice dishes, grilled chicken, moi moi, and barbecued fish. What’s more, if you want a crunchy, delightful coleslaw, prepare it with very fresh vegetables.

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Besides cabbage and carrots, the two primary vegetables used in its preparation, one or two extra ingredients of the maker’s choice like green bell pepper or spring onions can be added. Spring onions is my choice for today’s recipe. Also, most people mix the vegetables and the dressing before refrigerating. But this is not my usual style. I generally prefer a fine blend of vegetables; I achieve this by slicing my cabbage thinly. Now, thinly sliced cabbage wilt after sitting in dressing for a few hours. So, if I’m not convinced that my coleslaw will be finished in under two hours, I simply refrigerate the vegetables and when it is time to serve, I add the dressing.




Spring onions

Salad cream and mayonnaise, or either.

1/2 teaspoon of sugar

A pinch of salt

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How to Prepare

Rinse, scrape, and rinse the carrots, and shred them with a grater. Peel, rinse and dice the spring onions. Rinse and slice the cabbage.

As I mentioned earlier, if you want a fine blend of carrot and cabbage, your cabbage strips should be tiny. Put the shredded cabbage, spring onions and carrot into a sizeable bowl. Mix to combine. Cover with cling film and refrigerate.

When it’s almost time to serve the coleslaw, prepare the dressing by whisking salad cream, mayonnaise, ground sugar and a pinch of salt together. Dress the coleslaw with part of the dressing. Mix thoroughly and if the desired creaminess is not yet achieved, add more cream to it. Its ready to be served.

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