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The Impact Of #DontRushChallenge During The COVID-19 Lockdown

In times of uncertainty such as this, motivation can be hard to come by and boredom is the order of the day. But this time around, things are different. Social media is buzzing with a number of video challenges that create an atmosphere of fun and activity. Of all these challenges, one stands out not just for the excitement it elicits but also because it inspires you to change out of your house clothes, put on some fancy outfit, and pose for the camera. 

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It is called the #dontrushchallenge, and many people are participating in it for the fun of it. In the challenge, people edit a video to make it look like they are passing objects to each other as their clothes and appearance transform from homely to elegant. The challenge originally started with women as the main participants. Today, men and children have joined in and it has become a full-blown inclusive activity. 

It Appears To Have Started With This Tweet From March 22

Apparently, the #dontrushchallenge started with a group of black women who chose to quell their boredom by engaging in a fun activity. 

Since the tweet surfaced, other women have jumped on the challenge, adding their creativity to it. 

Men are getting in on it, too.

The Impact Of The Challenge

The #dontrushchallenge is proof of the power of social media in encouraging connectivity even when there is a lockdown. It is a clear indication that the world is more connected than ever before. People in the world over are taking advantage of the self-isolation and lockdown to come up with entertaining and inspiring content. As a result, there is always something to look forward to and people do not feel as disconnected from their friends and loved ones as they would if there were no social media.

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