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Places To Visit After The Lockdown: Kano

As at today, 22 out of 36 states in Nigeria have confirmed cases of corona virus. With community spread slowly making its way into the nation, government advises everyone to stay at home and only come out for essential duties. We know every state in Nigeria has amazing tourism sites that people would love to visit during this lockdown for exclusivity. If your state is on the NCDC list of confirmed cases of corona virus, then now is not the best time for that.

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As at 16th April, Nigeria had 442 cases of COVID 19 cases with 13 deaths. Though Lagos has the highest count of 251 cases with 7 deaths, Kano state comes in third place with 21 confirmed cases (20 active cases and 1 death). The reason Kano is a huge focus right now is the speed with which the spread of the virus has overtaken the state. In a space of 4 days, Kano moved from 1 case to 21 cases.

Kano was the first Northern state in Nigeria to have a testing & isolation centre. The index case was a former diplomat (traveller) who visited Kaduna state briefly on his road trip to Kano by 25th March. Since his arrival, he attended lots of public events (e.g. Friday Mosque – Juma’at – prayers and naming ceremonies) and also visited other medical facilities before April 10th. With little known of all the people and the specific areas now at risk, staying at home to self-isolate is the best course of action. But many people in Nigeria, and Kano in particular, still doubt the reality of the corona virus threat.

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As at Tuesday, 14th April, Kano joined the states in Nigeria with state-imposed lockdown. Theirs is a total lockdown starting from 16th April where there is to be no movement in the state. So if you were in Kano hoping to tour the following tourist sites:

1. Gidan Dan Hausa (Kano State Museum) 

2. Kofar Mata Marina  

3. Kurmi Market

4. Gidan Rumfa (Emir’s Palace)

5. The Kano Walls (Kano Badala)

6. Dala Hills

You can forget about tourism for at least one week till the restrictions are lifted because the Police will arrest you on sight. Now is not the best time for cultural tourism either, since the virus is transmitted via person-person contact.

There is a safer way to enjoy tourism during this period, though. You can look up these destinations online and check out details on the beauty Kano has to offer and plan a visit there when this is all over. 

Disclaimer: Due to the unpredictability of the coronavirus Outbreak in Nigeria, all forms of tourism and travel, especially interstate travel, is not advisable this period. It is best to wait till the pandemic is over before embarking on a trip. 




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