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Where To Travel: Abeokuta

So the nation is on a lockdown, but that won’t be forever. Eventually, life will get back to normal as it is in China at the moment. Until then, there is no harm in dreaming of the next place to visit in Nigeria besides the places we’ve mentioned so far. Today we are looking at Abeokuta.

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Despite Ogun state being among the states on Lockdown as declared by the Federal Government of Nigeria because of its proximity to Lagos, its rocky landscape and historical appeal makes it a sought after destination. Unlike cities built upon a hill, Abeokuta, as its name shows, is a city built under a rock. This heartland of the Egba people (the Yorubas) is worth exploring.

When you visit, be sure to check out:

1. Olumo Rock 

History Of The Famous Olumo Rock - Bellafricana

Just like the long juju slave trade route defines Arochukwu, Olumo rock is the most distinguishing landmark in Abeokuta. It has several ‘man-made’ steps etched into it to make climbing to the top for a panoramic view easier. There are places to stop and rest on your way to the top, including sights to see like the Shrines mini-statues and caves. The glass elevator ride isn’t free, so hold some cash for it, if it is working when you go there. Every part of this facility would make an awesome photo souvenir, when you pose with the view of the town below as your backdrop from the top of the rock. It is among the few developed tourist centres in Nigeria that tourists would love to visit.

2. OOPL 

Osinbajo, others launch Obasanjo presidential library - Premium ...
Premium Times NG

The Olusegun Obasanjo’s Presidential Library (OOPL) is fast becoming the next big attraction in Abeokuta. Not just because it is a library, but because of the other attractions attached to this one location. The building has a Cinema, Conference room, Museum, Amphitheatre, Bamboo Groove (sports bar), a Wildlife Park amongst others. The best part is the replica of the presidential office that makes for a great photo. While outside has the Rounder’s Fun Spot, an amusement park for family recreation. It has bumper cars, Ferris Wheels, and other indoor and outdoor games to keep participants entertained. This place is so loaded with things to see and experience that it should be a compulsory stop on any tourist’s radar.

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3. National Museum Abeokuta

Abeokuta Museum Abeokuta - visitnaija
Visit Naija NG

The Abeokuta Museum is a place that holds artefacts, the culture and history of the town & Egba people. The intricate wood-carved figurines is sure to preoccupy any art lovers. Visiting the Musuem is a great way for archaeologists, educators and history buffs to spend time.

4. Alake’s Palace 

Palace of the Alake of Egbaland, Egbaland - visitnaija
Visit Naija

This architectural edifice is cool for a photo as a memorial of your time in Abeokuta. The Alake is to Abeokuta as the Oba is to Benin. His palace is full of statues of deities and other artworks. So visiting his palace is a privilege. But even if you can’t get in, just a selfie outside would do.

There are still a lot more places to visit in Abeokuta like the Centenary Hall, FUUNAB Zoological park, Hilltop Golf club, Kemta Adire Market or Itoku Market amongst others. But if these are the only places you have time to see, then the trip would be worth it. 

Disclaimer: Due to the unpredictability of the coronavirus Outbreak in Nigeria, all forms of travel, especially interstate travel, is not advisable this period. It is best to wait till the pandemic is over before embarking on a trip. 

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